New '50 Shades of Grey' Unofficial Movie Trailer Casts 'Superman' as Christian Grey (VIDEO)

Henry CavillThe race for Christian Grey's role in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie seems to be tightening, and fans definitely have strong opinions on who has all of the right components to bring Christian out of the pages of a novel and onto the big screen.

Some of the names being thrown around are Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder, and Ryan Gosling -- but one fan has another sexy actor in mind for the part: Henry Cavill. (You know, the dude who has been cast to play Superman in the 2013 film, Man of Steel.)


And while he's semi-unknown right now, landing the part of Christian would definitely push Henry right up to A-list status practically overnight. This certain fan definitely seems out to convince the world that Henry is the man for the job, judging from this unofficial Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer that was made.

So, what do you think? Can you see Henry as Christian? Considering the fact that he's already snagged the part of Superman, adding Christian Grey to his resume would pretty much make him a total rock star. And you have to admit -- there's something kind of hot about a Christian Grey/Superman mash-up, don't you think?

And as for Ana's role? This particular fan seems to think Alexis Bledel is the perfect choice. If nothing else, she definitely looks the part. But I can't help but wonder if her chemistry with Henry would be electric enough to make this film as steamy as it promises to be. (My vote still goes to Blake Lively. She'd be Superman approved for sure.)

Who are your ideal actors to play Christian and Ana?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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