Scott Disick's Reported Cocaine Problem May Be the Last Straw for Kourtney Kardashian

scott disickUh-oh ... Sounds like there's serious drama in Kardashian land, and believe it or not, this time, it has nothing to do with Kim. Just when we thought Scott Disick might be growing up and stepping up to the plate to be an especially amazing pop to kiddos Mason and Penelope, new reports have surfaced that claim he's actually moving in the opposite direction. Not just one but several sources tell InTouch that Scott's engaging in "out-of-control drinking and cocaine use." Reportedly, the situation is so bad that Kourtney Kardashian won't let him anywhere near their new baby.

Let's assess, shall we? Obviously this news isn't originating from the most reliable source, and I'd be quick to blow (ahem, no pun intended) the whole thing off ... if it weren't for some additional disturbing details.

Allegedly, according to another story in the National Enquirer, Scott left Mason alone in his Mercedes SUV with the ignition off. He was apparently out of the car for at least five minutes while an eyewitness said "the car was parked in the hot sun with the boy alone in the back." I really, really hope this is not at all true. But if it is, Kourtney may be living any mom's worst nightmare.

Because it could very well mean Scott actually is using. And if that's the case, Kourtney can't make excuses anymore or chalk up his bad behavior to the "return of evil Scott." I'd bet that in the past she's put up with off-the-wall antics, because she wanted to keep up appearances. But it's not like he's playing some role. This is real life, and we're talking about two really young children who need a happy, healthy, stable environment (or as much of one of those as they can hope to have being part of the Kardashian clan).

Sounds like Kourtney may have to make a game time decision -- does she have it in her to send Scott to rehab and/or cut the cord? Guess only time will tell ... But for the sake of Mason and Penelope, let's hope both Kourtney and Scott end up making the right choices.

What do you make of these Scott Disick rumors? Do you think Kourtney should stay with him?

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Rhonda Garcia-Park

I really wouldn't be surprised if it's true . I would hope this would be the last straw for her and protect those kids from him !

nonmember avatar Christie

I think it's true...Some of his behaviors really do seem like he's on drugs. They have just been being chalked up to his drinking because it's easier to admit you have a drinking problem then a drug problem.

And I've always thought she should leave him...and I think deep down she has too that's why she's so against marrying him. It's not marriage she's scared of it's divorce and she knows they will divorce if they get married.

I think she was always planning on leaving him she just wanted 2 kids close in age and didn't want them by 2 different fathers so she strung him along another couple of years....he's a bum and she deserves better!

Christine Solazzo

it probably true and she certainly can overlook it, people do i all the time.  and she's overlooked plenty of stuff that would have had me kicking him to the curb

nonmember avatar Kim

I've seen him on tv interacting with Mason and I don' believe for 1 second he left him in a hot car. Who believes tabloids anyhow? If Scott wanted to do cocaine. He could just send someone out to get it for him. No need to take his son

nonmember avatar monieluv

I think she should leave him but it is hard to leave someone u love and have kids by.But.I'm sure she will make the right decision

nonmember avatar lawndy

help him to rehab

Jennifer Howington Dickson

I think she should have left him a long time ago. Hes a douche. I do believe he is doing drugs but I dont believe he left Mason in a hot car.

jessi... jessicasmom1

it's hard to leave someone who is the father of your kid/kids 

Cel7777 Cel7777

Um it shouldn't be hard to leave the father of your kids if his behavior is putting your kids safety and well-being in jeopardy (and for the record, I'm not saying Scott is cuz I don't know). If you see a man--ANY man--directly or indirectly harming your children, it should be easy as hell for you to kick his ass to the curb and protect your babies. Unless you're a weak, selfish, enabling pig with no maternal instinct, in which case you should prob shouldn't have kids to begin with. Disgusting.

nonmember avatar Em

If this is true then she owes it to her children to support him while he gets help (provided that he is willing & ready to make changes). If he is not then she owes it to her children to get him out of their lives.

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