David Beckham Affair Rumors Make 'DWTS' Katherine Jenkins More Hated Than Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

Katheirne JenkinsThere's nothing like starting Monday off with a good scandal -- and this one's a real doozie. An Australian newspaper is accusing former Dancing With the Stars contestant Katherine Jenkins of having an affair with David Beckham. Yes, I'm talking about that David Beckham, and yes -- I'm being serious.

Katherine, of course, is denying the rumors up and down -- and even took to her Twitter account to make it known that the claims are 100 percent false. But it turns out there are quite a few people who are buying into the affair rumors -- making her even more hated than Kristen Stewart right now. Like really hated. (Is that even possible?)


Would you believe that Katherine is actually receiving death threats from David Beckham fans on Twitter?! Here are a couple of the blatantly nasty and insane messages she's received from folks who are none-too-pleased with the thought of her getting it on with Becks:

"Honestly, and you all said my dislike of Katherine Jenkins was irrational (it is, and that b**** is getting cut if David and Posh split.)"

"She’s dead when I get her. I will kill that s***."

Um, really? Poor Katherine was so afraid that she actually went to the police after receiving the threats -- not that anyone can blame her. There's no telling what an obsessed fan is capable of when it comes to getting revenge.

David Beckham is also denying the rumors, but in the off chance that they do turn out to be true, shouldn't his fans be equally as angry with him as they are with Katherine? Haven't they heard of the whole, "it takes two to tango" thing? Geez!

Judging from just how much extra heat Kristen Stewart has taken for her role in cheating on Robert Pattinson, I can't even begin to imagine how much more blame will be put on Katherine than David if this little scandal winds up having any truth to it. (Can't a girl catch a break?)

To hear more about Katherine vehemently denying the affair claims, check out this video clip.


What do you make of these rumors? Do you think Katherine and David possibly hooked up?


Image via branestawm2002/Flickr

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