Robert Pattinson Says He'll Protect Kristen Stewart & We Love Him for It (VIDEO)

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rpatz kstewTwi-hards everywhere, a reunion is in sight: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will walk the red carpet together at the Breaking Dawn 2 premiere. I repeat: RPattz and KStew will walk the red carpet together for BD2!

That is, according to "a source."

We don't know how reliable "source" is in this case. We've been burned by "source" before. But this time I hope "source" is right. Because he/she is also saying Robert has promised to protect Kristen from female fans booing at her. OMG, so forgiving of him! Do you think maybe there's a teeny weeny chance he harbors a little bit of affection for her?

"He's told movie bosses he'll walk the red carpet to save her from embarrassment and any female fans booing her," a source told The Sun. "He is being professional and taking the higher moral ground." Well that's one way to put it. Another might be "he thinks he should be over it by then and doesn't want to look like a pouting, petty whiner." Oh yeah, also he's under contract to show up.

But I don't want to rain on this love and forgiveness parade! I still think this is a gentlemanly gesture. And I'm not saying I hope Robsten get back together again as a couple. I think it's pretty clear they both need to move on. But I like to think they can reconcile enough to be friends again. If nothing else, RPattz needs to forgive Kristen for his own mental health.

Plus, as we've said over and over again, the Kristen Stewart backlash needs to end. I think if Robert were to come out with a few forgiving statements, it could help end the KStew hate. Really, if anyone is still left booing Kristen by November, I think it'll say a lot more about the haters than it will about Kristen.

Would you like to see Robert forgive Kristen?


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AMom29 AMom29

[ I think it's pretty clear they both need to move on. ]

Says who?

Lois Lynn Kingsbury

You've said over over, the Kristen Stewart backlash needs to end??? Are you kidding me..? If that's really how you felt, you'd stop writing about this altogether. Geez, just leave them alone already.

Darla Dunham

Forgive her already, you are both miserable without each other.

Christie Kocian

I think that its a sign they will get back together...Rob is a total gentleman and for girls to say the nasty things they are saying about Kristen isn't winning them brownie points with him. People ned to realize that Rob and Kristen will do what's right for them.....not what a crazed fan wants or thinks. 

Alie Clemency

this isn't something that we should be like, "omgosh i love him..he is so sweet for doing this for her." this is sad he feels like doing it. fans shouldn't even think of booing her because her acting is incredible and up until now they liked her. so to hate her that much over something as the public we should not be concerned with...that is wrong. 

nonmember avatar marisol

I think he should forgive her and they deserve to be together again.. Everyone makes mistakes leave her alone already...

Yadirah Peterson

"Has any one of you not sinned? Then you be the first to throw a stone at her."
We all make mistakes. If he wants to forgive her is his choice Not OURS!!!!

Jodi Moore-Mullins

Kristen didn't cheat on the fans so I don't understand all the hate directed at this girl. She is not Bella cheating on Edward. She made a bad choice and the only ones really hurt in this equation are Rob and the director's family.  She is not a great actress by any means. She reminds me of Ben Stiller's character "Zoolander" in that she only has one "face". It does make me sad that there is so much hatred for her that she is afraid to come out in public. Let it go already people! She is a young actress and is still in the beginning of her career.

Maria Giselle Bartolome

I NEVER SEEN ROBERT SMILE,,THE WAY HE SMILES WITH KRISTEN,,Before I DID,,I THINK WE ALL DID,,THINGS ARE REALLY DIFFERENT NOW,,just saying (get my point) not saying the word m (miserable) cause i am not sure if that's the case,,,Depressing maybe,,but that's there case,,,i don't know??? but still going to Love them both,,!!!!!!

Erica Jones

I am a true die-hard fan, and the fact that Kristen and Rob aren't doing well now- well, it's like the charachters from the film are "broken up"- it's true.... we don't know them personally, we only know the charachter's played. Sad and irrational as it is, it's the truth.... It makes me not want to go see the last Breaking Dawn movie. I can't sit and enjoy it, knowing that they aren't still in a sorta' "fairy tale" love..... I'm just a dreamer, helplessly hoping for a happily ever after.... lol.

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