Dowager Countess Still Makes Us Shriek in New 'Downton Abbey 3' Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

downton abbey cat fight

Another sneak peek from the third season of Downton Abbey has just arrived, hot off the Masterpiece Theater presses today. EEP! And this one is delicious: The first time the Dowager Countess greets her nemesis, Cora's mother Martha Levinson, played by Shirley MacLaine, since Martha's arrival at Downton Abbey. Real Housewives, note bene. THIS is how you start a real cat fight.

On one hand, I almost feel like I've already seen the best scene in the whole series. On the other hand, there must be more where this came from. Matthew and Mary who? The Countess and Martha are going to rule this season. Duelling hats! Stiff crinoline meets loose, jazzy velvet. Tradition vs. Modernity. Iron Lady vs. Ginger. Shut up, me! Let's just watch.


Witness the stages of mutual disdain.

1. Effusive embrace from the American met with stiff arms from the Englishwoman. Ugh, physical contact! So vulgar. We don't do that here.

2. Self-deprecating remark about how old "we" look by which Martha means you, Dowager Countess. Translation: Dear God do you ever look ancient. Sure hope I don't look that old.

3. OH IT'S LIKE THAT, IS IT? Dowager Countess comes back with a swift jab to the solar-plexus: "Oh, I wouldn't say that. I try to stay out of the sun." Boom! FTW, Dowager Countess.

Wait, the scene is over already? Masterpiece Theater, why do you do this to me? That was too short! Come on, throw me another sad scene of Anna telling Bates she'll never give up on him at least. Lady Mary stomping off angrily. The foot of Lady Sybil's newborn babe, anything!

Who are your favorite Downton Abbey characters?


Image via PBS/YouTube

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