Leonardo DiCaprio Invites Robert Pattinson on the Dude Trip of a Lifetime

leonardo dicaprioI'm honestly at the point in which I believe Robert Pattinson is making out like a bandit from having Kristen Stewart cheat on him. Not only does he currently have the world collectively kissing his ass, he's got Reese Witherspoon bringing him with warm milk and cookies under her dope Ojai roof; Kate Upton admitting her crush on him; and now f***in' Leonard DiCaprio, the bro of all broheims, taking him on an bros-only Puerto Rican vacay to drown his sorrows in cheap booze and loose women. Dude's getting hooked.

According to The Sun, mutual pal Reese Witherspoon put the two dudes in touch when Leo expressed some concern for Pattinson. Apparently, DiCaprio has been following Pattinson's career ever since people started comparing the two. After the guys talked, Leo supposedly asked Pattinson if he'd like to come to Puerto Rico for the wrap party he's planning for the movie he's producing, Runner, Runner. A source said: "Leo figured it would be great for him to hang out with a bunch of laid-back guys ... and [he] joked that they could compare baseball cap collections -- and told Rob before he knew it, he'd be dating a model, just like him!"

So, heartbreak aside, right now, if you do the math, everything's comin' up Rob. Models, parties, Jon Stewart and George Stephanopoulos. It's all gravy. As it should be, dude got his heart broken. But you can't help but feel kind of bad for Kristen Stewart, even if you hate the girl. Girl is really getting shafted.
What do you think is going to happen during Leo and RPattz's lost weekend?


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Tracey Bown Riley

pls robert don't listen to leonardo leave robert and kristen alone

nonmember avatar ;)

Do it Rob! You need a distraction after all this. Just be careful...

nonmember avatar chris

This story isn't true and Kristen did something wrong. Until I see her remorseful in public nothing will convince me she is remorseful. She just has articles spouting bs about her remorse but actually shows none because she can't physically do so. Yes, normal people do bad things all the time. Guess what, when these people are caught they actually have to pay the price. It's not as if normal people get away with doing bad things.

Jennifer Brown


nonmember avatar Amanda

Awwww my two men so hot!!!! I want to go!!!! Leo is so hot...rob should definitely go =)

Suzanne R Nimmo

Would the world PLEASE stop referring to Rob as RPatz...he HATES being called that...

nonmember avatar moi

This has been debunked. Total rumor - days ago.

Maria Giselle Bartolome

Excusme!!!??????,,,,,,,,,,I NEVER HATED KRISTEN STEWART!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS NICE,,SHE DID A MISTAKE,,,JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

LveMy... LveMy2K1dS

I don'tcare at all about this story, but that picture of Leo is HOTT!!

nonmember avatar Kristy

That was the problem in the first place.. she got shafted.

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