Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Breakup Might Be Totally Fake

robert pattinsonWhen Robert Pattinson talks, Twi-hards listen. And when a heartbroken Robert Pattinson asks Twi-hards to make sure his new flick does better at the box office than The Dark Knight Rises, they show up in droves and ensure that despite only playing in three theaters (in NY and LA), Cosmopolis grosses $72,300. Not too shabby at all! And possibly part of a master plan involving a highly orchestrated cheating scandal.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I'm not the only one who has had a sneaking suspicion that maybe just maaaybe Kristen Stewart didn't actually cheat on Rob with Rupert Sanders. Maybe the story was neatly crafted by the couple themselves or a snickering team of movie publicists, as a publicity stunt that could kill several birds with one big fat juicy stone ...


The Cosmopolis box office results -- which may have been a canary in the coal mine to test the potential for a huge Breaking Dawn: Part 2 opening -- isn't the only piece of evidence to support the scenario.

There's also the fact that the two seem to be getting out of multiple Twilight press events scot-free. Given how OVER it the two of them have seemed for some time, I could totally see Rob and Kristen having their agents try to finagle a way for them to get out of promoting the franchise they've undoubtedly become fatigued with over the past few years. By chalking their absence up to being "estranged" and "distressed" due to a split, they could easily back out of the usual circuit of junkets, Twilight conventions, and even award shows (cough like the VMAs) they never seemed really game for in the first place.

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And by no longer being known (publicly) as one-half of "that Twilight couple," both Rob and Kristen might have better shots at more versatile roles. Not to mention that a faux breakup throws the public "off the scent." If we assume they're dunzo, the couple automatically gets the privacy they've always seemed to crave!

Or ... perhaps she really did cheat, and they're really broken up, and Jon Stewart wasn't that off by assuming they've both been crying into empty pints of Chubby Hubby. Who knows? But if anyone's capable of an elaborately scripted break-up for bigger box office gains, it's two young movie stars and the forces initially responsible for their blockbuster success.

Do you think the RPattz/KStew split may be a stunt?


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