Jenelle Evans' Clueless Twitter Fight With Snooki Backfires Hilariously

jenelle evansJenelle Evans picked the wrong hot mama to tangle with. This week while defending herself against the usual slings, arrows, and "bad mom" insults, Jenelle went after mom-to-be Snooki. "Omg, no offense... but yu call ME a bad mother... but look what @snooki said about her baby," Janelle hooted over Twitter. And she posted a photo from Reddit supposedly quoting Snooki saying there is "NO WAY" she would change her baby's diapers because "that's what maids are for."

Oops, but that's a totally fake Snooki quote

Meanwhile, older and wiser Snooki -- yeah, I said it, WISER = Snooki -- took the high road and simply blocked Jenelle on Twitter. It's the digital equivalent of holding up your palm and saying, "Bitch, please." But Jenelle still just couldn't leave it alone. She had to go and make an even bigger fool of herself


Snooki didn't respond directly to Jenelle, but she did want people to know that the quote is a hoax. "FYI I can't wait to change my kids shitty diapers & I don't believe in maids. Just sayin," she tweeted to her fans. Lacking basic reading comprehension skills Jenelle decided this was all about her and tweeted "hahahahaha what did @snooki say back to me? she blocked me from twitter... figures. cant take criticism like i can."

Oh Jenelle. Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. So feisty and yet so dim.

I know this is her "thing," picking fights to stay in the news and all, but this tiff doesn't raise her profile in a flattering way. It just makes her look gullible and judgy. And picking on Snooki? Girl. SMH. I love that Snooki didn't take the bait and refused to get into a Twitter war with Jenelle.

Jenelle should have apologized -- publicly. That would be the SMART thing to do. "Whoops, Snooki, so sorry! Didn't know the quote was a fake and should have known you're too cool to say that!" (Writes Jenelle's Twitter ghostwriter. I charge $100 per tweet, just in case you're interested.)

Can you imagine the happy story that would follow? Snooki accepts Jenelle's apology, they become Twitter pals, RT and support each other. A reality TV sisterhood blooms! Ladies, this is the real way women get ahead in this world. Just sayin.

Do you think Jenelle should have just apologized to Snooki and taken back her snarky tweet?


Image via @PBandJenelley/Twitter

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