Jenelle Evans' Clueless Twitter Fight With Snooki Backfires Hilariously

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jenelle evansJenelle Evans picked the wrong hot mama to tangle with. This week while defending herself against the usual slings, arrows, and "bad mom" insults, Jenelle went after mom-to-be Snooki. "Omg, no offense... but yu call ME a bad mother... but look what @snooki said about her baby," Janelle hooted over Twitter. And she posted a photo from Reddit supposedly quoting Snooki saying there is "NO WAY" she would change her baby's diapers because "that's what maids are for."

Oops, but that's a totally fake Snooki quote

Meanwhile, older and wiser Snooki -- yeah, I said it, WISER = Snooki -- took the high road and simply blocked Jenelle on Twitter. It's the digital equivalent of holding up your palm and saying, "Bitch, please." But Jenelle still just couldn't leave it alone. She had to go and make an even bigger fool of herself

Snooki didn't respond directly to Jenelle, but she did want people to know that the quote is a hoax. "FYI I can't wait to change my kids shitty diapers & I don't believe in maids. Just sayin," she tweeted to her fans. Lacking basic reading comprehension skills Jenelle decided this was all about her and tweeted "hahahahaha what did @snooki say back to me? she blocked me from twitter... figures. cant take criticism like i can."

Oh Jenelle. Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. So feisty and yet so dim.

I know this is her "thing," picking fights to stay in the news and all, but this tiff doesn't raise her profile in a flattering way. It just makes her look gullible and judgy. And picking on Snooki? Girl. SMH. I love that Snooki didn't take the bait and refused to get into a Twitter war with Jenelle.

Jenelle should have apologized -- publicly. That would be the SMART thing to do. "Whoops, Snooki, so sorry! Didn't know the quote was a fake and should have known you're too cool to say that!" (Writes Jenelle's Twitter ghostwriter. I charge $100 per tweet, just in case you're interested.)

Can you imagine the happy story that would follow? Snooki accepts Jenelle's apology, they become Twitter pals, RT and support each other. A reality TV sisterhood blooms! Ladies, this is the real way women get ahead in this world. Just sayin.

Do you think Jenelle should have just apologized to Snooki and taken back her snarky tweet?


Image via @PBandJenelley/Twitter

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Krystal Lynch

Jenelle is the worlds worse mom and daughter. If i seen that bitch n the street i would beat her dumb ass. She don't take care of her son AT ALL!!! Then she talks to her mom like shit while her mom is the only one to stand by her dumb ass. She needs to grow the fuck up and be a mom to her son before she ever decides to talk shit bout anyone!!!

MomLi... MomLily67

naaahh, she should just keep her mouth shut.

nonmember avatar tiffany

Yes I love my snookie she will be a great mother an jenelle is just jealous bcuz everyone in the world jnows she's a bad mom an wabts everyone off her case on focused on someone else.....that's legit!!

Lissa Fehr

coming from the girl who bitches about "babysitting" her own child.

paren... parentalrights1

Krystal you sound so mature. Teenager?

nonmember avatar Desirae

Jenelle has to pick on someone because she's lacKing confidence. And she wants everyone to be in her bad mom boat. But she's sinking alone

nonmember avatar erika

she has no room to talk especially having her mom raise her kid because she is to immature she needs to get over herself and her cry baby drama stuff and make something off herself because she def aint doing it by going after someone who is going to do way better than her stop the poor me crap and step up. i feel bad for your mother and jace that they have to put up with you just saying snooki will be way better than you and she has a better head than you get a life and stop trying to focus on everyone one else.

mizz_... mizz_jonez8956

Wow Jenelle needs to get her facts straight for one and for two idk why she is even judging Snooki even if Snooki had said that because jenelle doesn't even have her own kid around to change his diapers her mom is basically a "maid" why she talking shit. At the beginning of 16 & Pregnant only thing Jenelle was worried about was going out while her mom had to take care of Jace hints why she doesn't have custody and barely mentioned in the publicity because she never has him. To sum this up the bitch does not have a pot to piss in because she don't even take care of her kid her mother does. Love u Snooks!!

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I'm not even sure why I read this. Morbid curiosity perhaps? IDK. But Snooki isn't that bad IMHO. She seems to have grown up alot, and is fully ready to tackle mommyhood. This Janelle chick on the other hand... SMH... Seems like she should get her tubes tied. 

Melissa Greenawalt

In my opinion, Janelle herself, is in NO POSITION herself to judge Snookie. Even IF she DID say that! I know Snookie said it was a fake comment that she never made, but, Janelle cant even take care of her own son, include the fact that she is also lacking the ability of taking care of herself and making ANY KIND of responsible decision! Soon enough, she will be sitting behind bars just like Amber Portwood. In the end, it's the children who pay the ultimate price and that is who my heart and prayers are with!!! Oh, and GOOD FOR Snookie! I probably would have took the bait and cussed her out! I cant stand that little bitch and she deserves EVERYTHING she gets! Her son is so cute though, I feel so bad that he has to call that waste of skin his mother!

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