A Dark & Broken Robert Pattinson Would Light Up the Screen as 'Christian Grey'

Robert PattinsonGetting over Kristen Stewart is probably going to be pretty tough for Robert Pattinson since their relationship ended in the most gut-wrenching way, but now that he's a free man, he has a real opportunity to take his movie career to new heights. And yes, I'm talking about him being in a prime position to nab the role that every actor in Hollywood is after -- playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. (At least hear me out before you go gettin' all protesty.)

Ok, so I know people kind of scoffed him off before and said he wasn't the right man for the job because he'll never shake his Edward Cullen alter-ego, but part of the thought behind that was because he and Kristen were attached at the hip, and it was tough for anyone to imagine him in a romantic role with anyone other than her. But when she cheated on Rob, she basically gave him a clean break from having to live in the shadow of Twilight for the rest of his life. 


And now that KStew is officially out of the picture for good, we can all look at Robert Pattinson in an entirely new light.

First of all, since he became a single man, it's like he's embraced a sexier, more grown-up vibe that he's putting out from every angle. Take this photo of Rob wearing a sexy suit at the Cosmopolis premiere, for example. Doesn't he fit the profile of how Christian Grey is described in the book? He's strikingly handsome, has piercing eyes, and also looks commanding and powerful -- which is a key element of Christian's character.

And another thing Rob has going for him as far as being perfect for the Fifty Shades role goes is that he's angry and feels betrayed. Those two emotions are the perfect combination for bringing Christian Grey's dark side to life on-screen. Even though acting is his job, it's a whole lot easier to get into character when you're experiencing the same feelings.

Playing Christian Grey is exactly what Robert Pattinson needs to move on with his life and reinvent his image in Hollywood. And with a loyal fan base whose devotion to Rob has only gotten stronger since Kristen's cheating was exposed, the rush to theaters to see Fifty Shades of Grey will be even more urgent with him in the starring role. (OMG. Robert Pattinson as a controlling, disturbed, sex-obsessed hunk of a man? Yes, please.)

What do you think -- is Rob a better fit for the part now that he and Kristen are a thing of the past?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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