'Teen Mom' Recap: Farrah Needs More Experience With Men

Farrah AbrahamSometimes watching Teen Mom can be just plain painful. And the latest episode of the fourth (and final) season was no different. Case in point: every time Farrah brought up marriage to the guy she's only been dating for a month and a half, I cringed.

They may be adults, but these kids still have so much growing up to do! Look at Catelynn and Tyler. They placed their daughter with an adoptive family so they could go to college, and now they're putting off their education because they didn't do enough research.


Thanks to Tyler's mom, who saw them floundering and hooked them up with some professionals who are working in their intended career -- counseling -- they're back on track and will only lose out on one semester. But a little planning and forethought could have gone a long way here.

Then there's Maci, who really seems to be moving in the right direction. She and Kyle have moved into a house, Bentley's in preschool, she's in college. But one silly Tweet got her sucked into a high school-type fight with Ryan when Ryan's girlfriend Dalis got offended. Fortunately she sees that she and Ryan have to get along for Bentley's sake, but she certainly learned a lesson about social media.

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And of course, Amber is, well, we know where Amber is headed, don't we: nowhere good. She told Gary she'd like to have Leah for the day, but when he called to arrange the drop-off, she'd made other plans. And in typical Amber fashion, she flipped out, screaming and cursing at Gary when she'd made a change of plans without calling him.

But watching Farrah's excitement over a trip out-of-town with her boyfriend Daniel turn to a broken heart when he never came back to their hotel room on their last night in Austin was really the clincher. She's trying so hard to be a grown-up for little Sophia's sake. Maybe a little too hard.

The couple's relationship was already feeling like it was on speed -- he met her daughter, then he met her mom in quick succession. But here they were just a month and a half in, and she starts talking about more babies! Then they hit a vintage clothing store, and she presents him with a potential wedding dress. And she starts talking about rings.

And if all those hints weren't loud and clear enough, Farrah drops the big bomb: she wants to get married soon. I'm not surprised Daniel took off after that -- although it was more than a little ironic that he told his buddy that she needs to grow up when he acted like a child by not even bothering to break up with her. But a lot of the mistakes Farrah made were pretty classic, the kind that hundreds of thousands of women have made, and learned not to make after getting some real experience in the (adult) dating world. Farrah has got plenty of time left for that.

What did you think of Farrah laying it on so strong?


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