'Gallery Girls' Are Like 'Real Housewives' Before Botox & With Internships

Gallery GirlsLast night Bravo premiered its new reality show Gallery Girls after much hype. To say it was "good" would be a stretch. To say it was compelling in that oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-people-act-like-this-and-I-can't-look-away way would be dead on.

They're basically younger, artsier versions of 'Real Housewives' who are so cerebral and hip (in their minds) that they would surely be offended by the notion that they are. They think they're Sex and the City, but they're really just a few years and a couple of Botox injections away from Housewives. The shows and their characters are virtually the same -- drama, mean girls, wine, backstabbing, and tears. They just live in tiny apartments instead of palatial mansions, and sometimes their shoes come from Aldo.

So far their biggest issues with one another are their attire and the unforgiving gaffe of having lipstick on one's teeth. “They always get lipstick on their teeth and I hate that,” says Maggie Schaffer, one of the girls on the fancy girls' team.

Oh yes, there are teams, already clearly established. Instead of The Talls versus The Smalls or The Blondes versus The Brunettes, or Teresa Giudice versus everyone, it's Brooklyn against Manhattan.

The Brooklyn girls, who wear black and the aforementioned red lipstick and get strangely excited about sparkle pockets, are opening their own store/gallery, which is already causing a tremendous amount of problems before their doors open. The rest of them are flitting about in unpaid internships at fancy galleries, hoping to land their big (or at least paid) opportunity at some point. In the meantime, most of them have mommy and daddy or a trust fund footing the bill, so they can just up and walk out on the work if they're not that into it.

Just like with Real Housewives, you sit there thinking about how they have absolutely no concept of the REAL world, and why in hell are you finding it so fascinating to watch them. But you are. Bottom line: If you like Real Housewives, chances are you'll like Gallery Girls ... and chances are you'll be too embarrassed to admit that you do. 

Did you watch Gallery Girls? Thoughts?


Image via Bravo

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I thought this show was awful and the girls (all of them) were absolute idiots. Also, what the hell is a professional art advisor and why is that even a job??

Shelly Monson

I have watched this show and really don't care for. My daughter just graduated from college and is heading to NY soon. We watched the show together and she said "WOW these girls are visious!" We have talked at length about the people in NY. We come from a state & town of good people. She wasn't raised to have to be so hateful to get a job. These are women who have horrible personalities which makes them so ugly!!! It's a perfect illustration for her on who not to behave. She's a beautiful girl who has drawn attention to herself since she was a baby. I've taught her that she can be the most beautiful woman in the world but if she is ugly on the inside then she is going to have a real hard life!!! Take note "Gallery Girls"!!!

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