Robert Pattinson Reveals His 'Biggest Problem in Life' on 'The Daily Show' & It's a Shocker! (VIDEO)

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson laughs through his tears!Robert Pattinson has spoken!!! He has spoken to Jon Stewart! Live on TV! For the first time since the tragic Kristen Stewart cheating scandal! And ... OH. MY. GOD. You'll never guess what Robert Pattinson said!

I promise to give you a word-for-word rundown. But first, let's talk about how awesomely Jon Stewart handled the whole potentially awkward situation. Because Stewart, who we all know is a pushover at heart, went super-easy on the heartbroken heartthrob. How easy? Lemme put it this way: As soon as Pattinson sat down, Stewart pulled out two pints of old good old Ben & Jerry's (!).

"Listen, the last time I had a bad breakup, Ben & Jerry got me through some of the hardest times," said Stewart. "So we're just a couple of gals talking. Tell me everything." And THEN RPattz came out and told Jon exactly what his "biggest problem in life" really is ...


In an adorably self-deprecating, wide-eyed, good-natured sort of way, Pattinson 'fessed up thusly:

"Now my biggest problem in my life is I'm cheap and I didn't hire a publicist. Normally actors get these things scripted ... I'm gonna hire a publicist."

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Jon's thoughtful reply? "I think you should. Unless ... you have a time machine."

"Either way," agreed the incredibly cute Pattinson (whose obviously nervous laughter dang near broke my heart! Not to mention the uber-endearing part of the show when RPattz said he was trying to avoid eating all the ice cream because he was afraid of "splitting" his Spanx!).

Awww. Usually watching men dance around emotional topics of conversation is painful, but these two managed to make it sweet -- even entertaining! Clearly Pattinson didn't really want to talk about his mangled love life. Clearly Stewart didn't really want to put his guest on the spot. Pattinson is a "nice kid," he pointed out, who deserves to deal with his relationship issues privately. Of course, the most direct comment Stewart also happened to get the biggest audience reaction:

"Boy, you are better off! Kick her to the curb!" (And the crowd goes wild!)

EPIC. An epic moment, my friends. So epic was the entire exchange, in fact, that even though we didn't get any real "dirt" from this interview, it didn't matter. Instead of sordid details, we got a glimpse of Robert Pattinson's soul, and it is truly a beautiful thing. Consider how tempting it must've been for the actor to trash KStew or Rupert Sanders -- with the world watching! But he didn't trash anybody. That's just not his style.

And THAT is why everybody cheered when Jon Stewart told him to kick Kristen Stewart to the curb. Boy, you ARE better off.

Here it is!

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