5 Secrets From 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Memoir That Explain Everything

Farrah Abraham My Teenage Dream EndedOf all the stars of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has struggled hardest to separate herself from her past. And yet the release of her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, by MTV's book publishing arm this week rockets you right back to her days on 16 and Pregnant. Only you didn't see any of this in your living room.

The Stir got a sneak peek at the book that goes behind the scenes of her life before she got pregnant with Sophia, before she signed on to work with MTV. She gives a full account of her entire relationship with her daughter's father, Derek Underwood, including how she got pregnant, and something more ... an understanding of the petulant teen we've often seen lash out at her parents.

This girl hasn't had it easy. She got pregnant as a teenager, then her baby's father died. But the parents we've seen as constants in her life weren't always so constant. Just get a load of some of these revelations:

1. She Went to Derek's Funeral Alone: We now know that Sophia's dad died in a car accident shortly before she gave birth. What we didn't know is how Farrah's parents treated the loss. According to her memoir, they proceeded as if he'd never existed at all. Ouch!

2. Her Mom Isn't the Only One Who's Been Arrested: We've seen the aftermath of Debra assaulting Farrah play out on Teen Mom. What we've never heard about were two arrests Farrah's dad Michael had -- both for incidents involving Derek. To give him be fair, the first involved him finding the two teens having sex ... in her sister's bed!

3. Her Parents Split Up ... a Lot: Debra and Michael officially announced their divorce on MTV, but Farrah describes a childhood when they were constantly on the outs. At times she even references her "dad's house" because the couple aren't living together.

4. Her Mom Made Her Pregnancy Decision for Her: Farrah had talked about a medical abortion, but Debra wasn't hearing any of it ... she decided that Farrah would have a baby, and the teenager really had no say in it.

5. Farrah Lied to MTV: Because her parents didn't like Derek, Farrah didn't want them to know when she spoke to him ... so she hid that from MTV. Later she pretended she wasn't going to his funeral so the cameras wouldn't follow her and she could say a final goodbye without the world watching.

Do some of these revelations make you understand why it's taken Farrah so long to come around to her parents? There's plenty more in the book!


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Maias... MaiasMommy619

I don't think that explains anything about why Farrah is such a bitch. Nothing. She caused all these problems for herself. If the parents didn't like him then they didn't like him. I would hate him too if I caught my daughter having sex with him in my home on her sisters bed... How sickening! Her parents splitting up did what to her!? At least unlike other split parents they are constantly there for her helping her and Sophia along the way. Also her not getting the abortion was the smartest move on her moms part.. Do the crime then do the time! I could go on and on about her!

GoshDarn GoshDarn

Sounds like she was a regular teenager with regular teenage problems and pressures (before the pregnancy). I dont know about anyone else, but I can not think of one person that got along with their parents 100% of the time, and i never had any friends who's parents werent at odds at one point or another.  Sounds like a lot of excuses for some of her actions if you ask me.   On the other hand... lets give her somewhat of a break, after all... just because she is now a parent, doesnt mean that she's still not really a kid herself. 

I do feel sorry for her poor daughter though; one day she will grow up, and read all of these stories.  Imagine how she will feel knowing that her mom put out a book  called "my teenage dream ended".... .and there is a picture of her as a small child on the cover. It's such a shame... not worrying about how all of this will even affect little Sophia.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Uh, no. Lots of people who were violently abused and abandoned aren't as bitter and bitchy as she was. They spoiled her rotten out of guilt, and she's an entitled brat. Good on her dad for not killing Derek himself when he found her in bed with his daughter...hardly the first dad who's done that. At least they gave a shit about her, cry me a river. Trade places with Catelynn if you think your parents are so terrible!

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Having an abortion is up to the mother, not the grandmother. My own mother pressured me to get an abortion the first 4 months of my pregnancy. But I didn't BECAUSE IT WAS MY CHOICE. This girl was 16/17 yrs and NOT ready to be a mother. Clearly, she still isn't. But my point is, whether she wanted to carry that baby to term or not should have been her choice. Not her mothers.

Wendy Beam

There are times when she comes off as a bitch but lets face it her family is fucked up and she obviously was never taught any coping skills. Its very hard to be a teenager trying to become an adult when you have overbearing parents. This family is just plain messed up and I think she has done a decent job trying to take care of her child given her situation.

shell... shellyplatz

Already heard most of these. She still doesn't need to be a bitch to everyone she comes in contact with. No one's life is perfect and people have way worse things happen and aren't bitchy like she is.


nonmember avatar Julie

All I can say is that im just happy for her :)

Bre LP Taylor

I have seen families like these and I really feel like there is an even deeper and darker secret that none of them talk about and it's the reason while there is so much hostility. 

My guess is molestation and then they all pretended like it didn't happen. 

Nina Reyes

Farrah should have her butt whooped!

Mary Cimino

Isn't her mother Bipolar? If she is that would explain a lot. My mother is Bipolar and acts the same way, people tell me that I'm being disrespectful when in fact I'm having to defend myself and my kids.

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