'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Can't Resist Being Naked on the Internet

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Jenelle EvansIf you'd had two (count 'em, two) nude photo scandals in the past year, how comfy would you be with letting a guy take photos of you naked? Oh, what, not at all? So you'll understand the major eye roll at Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' latest bit of ridiculousness.

The MTV reality star didn't just let boyfriend Kieffer Delp take a photo of her without her clothes on. She actually went on Twitter to let everyone know that she approved of him Tweeting the picture of him with his hand cupping her nekkid hiney.

Are you getting this, folks? It has been less than two weeks since Jenelle's former boss -- with whom she's embroiled in a court battle over cyberstalking -- was threatening to share pictures online of Jenelle masturbating. She actually made us feel sort of bad for her when she said James Duffy had stolen the photos from ... wait for it ... Kieffer's phone. You know, the guy who took the latest round of naughty pics.

It bears mentioning that Kieffer himself was once tied to photos of a naked Jenelle being leaked out onto the net? At the time the couple was broken up, and she said it was enough to give her a nervous breakdown. I couldn't blame her ... it was a crappy thing for Kieffer to do to his ex. 

But now Jenelle's not only letting the same jerk take photos of her naked, but she's actually A-OK with the whole world seeing them (beware if you click, the picture is not safe for work)? She might as well just hang a sign on her back that says "take advantage of me."

I think my Jenelle sympathy might officially be all used up, how about you?

What do you think of Jenelle letting Kieffer pull out the camera when she's naked?


Image via MTV

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M_Wil... M_Williams

as much as i dislike jenelle, her picture on twitter wasn't a naked picture, granted she was in underwear which is NOT much better but you can't even tel its underwear till she posts the picture more close up, she also had a shirt on. I still wouldn't approve and want my boyfriend doing that but it wasn't as bad as people are making it seem.

nonmember avatar Trisha

Consent, consent, consent. saying it's okay to stick naked pictures of someone on the internet when they don't want it just because sometimes they do want it is like saying it's okay to have sex with someone when they don't want it just because sometimes they do want it.

This picture reeks of being composed. As an art major I want to tweak so much about this shot. So, so much. But it speaks, and in ways feels more real than anything aired on that show.

nonmember avatar beau

She is just too gross for words..I think, I HOPE, her 15 min is almost up..the good thing is that so few people comment on her anymore so NOBODY cares..she looks like a Vienna Sausage...I hope she ends up in prison

nonmember avatar amanda

Umm sure she is naked but you cant see anything but her back... Scandalous?

Jorie Thomas

Ugh she is so freakin pathetic.. I wish Teen Mom 2 would just fire her ass so she'd quit collecting money to be a shit mom! She should wise up and become a porn star or stripper... then she'd at leastbe getting paid for letting it all hang out!

Kathy Rahmanizadeh

Actually M_Williams, you either need some glasses or you're imagining shit or looking at the wrong pic because there is a pic of her nude and Kieffer is covering her buttcrack and there is one of her in lacey pajama bottoms lol.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Ok, I'm addicted to the whole "Teen Mom" drama and I follow them on Twitter. That includes James Duffy - he's a huge creeper. Jenelle is far far far from mature and she makes mistake after mistake. I think we can all agree on that. This is a 40-something-year-old man who befriends anybody on the outs with her, bashes them if they make up, and posts pictures that don't really mesh with his stories as proof constantly after tweeting about going out drinking, asking for RT's & setting goals (1,000 tweets to "drop a bomb!"). Most of the pictures are a year old, some are of magazine articles about her, and he's posted (the same) nude pictures of her almost weekly. It seems like every morning he rethinks his drunken ramblings and takes down his "proof". If somebody questions him, he replies and blocks the person. I made a comment about him and before blocking me, he replied "do you do dick up the ass? Do you have stretch marks around your lips? Do you have nothing better to do but hide your face?". He's a creeper, and she's an immature girl who was lured by "fame" and has to relive her mistakes constantly. She needs to get it together, but he needs to get a life. /end rant

nonmember avatar SL

@MWilliams no, this pic is one that was posted earlier. She is completely nekkid. The one with underwear and a t-shirt came after.

nonmember avatar Julie

News flash: girls who get knocked up in high school probably dont make intelligent sexual decisions.

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