'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Debut Single Brings Out the Hate

Farrah AbrahamWe're at least midway through the finale season of Teen Mom, and Farrah Abraham seems like the star who has the best game plan for getting by once the MTV checks stop coming. She has a food company. A new memoir about to hit shelves. So what can't she do?

From the looks of the reactions to her musical debut ... sing. Farrah's first single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom," just showed up on the In Touch website, and the comments are about as mean as they can get.


This can't be real ... This shit is horrible ... Better stick to cooking ... Is this a joke?

That's the nice stuff, folks. The others are generally much worse.

Farrah says the song was written about climbing out of the hole of despair that she was in after giving birth to daughter Sophia as a teenager and losing her boyfriend in a freak car accident at just 18. She said she's recovered, and the song is about finding happiness.

I thought she was brave to come out and talk about her use of drugs and her thoughts of suicide, so I'm glad to hear she's happy and I wanted to like this song. But the heavily autotuned song (you can listen to it over at In Touch) is hard to handle in part because you can't actually understand most of the lyrics because of the digital manipulation. And the reactions are so bad she probably won't get much "happiness" from her music sales figures.

It's nice to see the members of the Teen Mom cast who haven't blown all the MTV cash and set themselves up for failure. I wish Farrah the best. But maybe she shouldn't spread herself so thin right now. Food company, daughter, memoir ... that's enough, right?

What do you think of Farrah's foray into music?


Image via MTV

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