Amanda Bynes Accused of Yet Another Hit-and-Run & This Is Getting Old

amanda bynesHey everybody, remember when Amanda Bynes was arrested for a DUI? And then she was chased down by six cop cars and a helicopter over a hit-and-run? And then she was accused of another hit-and-run? And they still let her keep driving? That was an excellent choice, for TMZ is reporting that our lady Amanda Bynes has allegedly committed yet another hit-and-run.

A Los Angeles woman named Kisa says she was rear-ended by a woman driving a black BMW. She didn't realize at first it was Ms. Bynes because she "looked like a hot mess." She also acted like a hot mess, too. When Kisa tried to exchange insurance info, Amanda insisted it wasn't necessary and tried to push Kisa's bumper back into place. See? See? Noharmnofoul. OKbyeee -- and she sped off in her "significantly" damaged Bimmer. (See the damage photo on TMZ.)


Yeah, right. Kisa filed a police report anyway in a vain attempt to keep this dangerous driver off the roads. And the cop who handled her case said, "Didn't she just get a DUI?" YES SHE DID, thanks for noticing, LAPD! You know you've got a problem when a cop hears your name and instantly thinks, "DUI." 

Meanwhile, Zap2it and Wetpaint are both suggesting Amanda needs to get a driver. And she definitely should do that. But I think she needs even more intervention. Her DUI case is still pending. She pleaded "not guilty" but I think that accumulation of fender-benders is turning into a mountain of evidence against her. Can someone please take those keys away from her? Is anyone in charge? I know she's a grown-ass woman and everything, but she obviously needs a minder of some sort.

Do you think it was really Amanda Bynes who hit Kisa's car, or maybe just a look-alike?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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