‘DWTS’ Pro Tony Dovolani Slams Ex Partner Kate Gosselin -- Again!

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Tony Dovolani

Poor Tony Dovolani. He may be the most seasoned pro on Dancing With the Stars, but lately he always gets partnered with a dud. With DWTS All-Stars coming up, he has no hope of landing a star who will help him win that mirror ball trophy.

"I can tell you how they pair me up,” Tony joked to Fox 5 Las Vegas. "I mean, whoever fails the psychiatric evaluation, I tend to get them, or physical evaluation."

He ain't kidding. Who could forget his cringe-worthy season 10 with Kate Gosselin. I've seen pieces of wood with more rhythm and flexibility than the mom of eight, and the pair argued constantly during rehearsals. After the show ended, Tony even quipped on Anderson that he needed "a lot of therapy" following his time on the show with her.

He probably didn't think he could get a worse waltz partner -- that is until he met Wendy Williams. Trapped with yet another diva who couldn't dance, Tony's time on season 11 ended quickly.

He admits he's scored a few gems. "Every once in awhile somebody slips through, like Melissa [Rycroft] or Stacy [Keibler]," he said. In fact, he's hoping to be partnered with Melissa once again, but isn't holding his breath. Among the women he may end up with: Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson, Kelly Monaco, Shawn Johnson, and Kirstie Alley. Lucky for him, none of those ladies weren't nearly as nightmarish as Kate, so things are already looking up.

Who do you think Tony will be paired with for DWTS All-Stars?


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amber... amberdotsmom

Shawn or Kelly would be OK although I think Shawn is too short to match up well with him.  I agree though, Tony is a favorite of mine and he never seems to get a break on a partner.  The only good part when he leaves early is he's often in the special dances after.

Ali999 Ali999

I hope Kirstie is with Max!


Ginger Townsend-Ross

I like Tony and agree with everythging he said. Hope he gets a good one next time.


nonmember avatar Kristine

I think Tony should be paired with Caron Kressley... Haha! With all this Chick-Fil-A talk it's only fitting. CLEARLY Carson has a better attitude than Kate Gosselin.

nonmember avatar Go TONY!

Tony's put in his time in the ball-room-dungeon, chained to the shopping Kart that resembles Kate Gosselin for way too long. He deserves someone who will APPRECIATE his efforts to teach, not complain complain complain. Pam Anderson did well enough on DWTS - Love to see Tony giving Pam a twirl across the floor.

Stefa... Stefanie18

Poor Tony...during the 'shopping cart's' DWTS season, he would come here to Reading to practice with her during the week...if  you can call it 'practice', that is. (she didn't give up tanning/nails/shopping in order to practice!)  The poor guy just looked incredibly unhappy. They made an appearance at the local Toys-R-Us and Tony was immediately bombarded with fans. He couldn't have been nicer...autographs/photos, etc...meanwhile Kate was PISSED that she was ignored. She truly does not grasp that we here in Reading, PA cannot stand her...and most of America feels the same way. She's a monster. Poor Tony. You didn't deserve her at all.

Kellie Murray

@Karen Deyanna Yes, he has a nice ass.  LOL.  I could see him with Bristol or Kirstie.  He would do well with either one...especially Kirstie unless she is too tall for him.

nonmember avatar kaerae

I hope he gets Kelly or Shawn!

Tracy Starr

Tony is a great dancer. That not withstanding, it is his job not only to perform the dance, but to TEACH his partner. Obviously, he hasn't taught his partner that well!!

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