'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Casting Poll Lists Shocking & Ridiculous Actress to Play Ana

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Lucy HaleThe speculation over who will wind up being cast as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie keeps getting more and more interesting as new actresses are added to the list of possibilities.

Fans of the book definitely seem to have an opinion as to who is the perfect starlet to take on the role, and a new poll on RyanSeacrest.com has narrowed the field down to 10 lucky ladies who may have what it takes to play the perfect submissive.

Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars is winning the race right now, with 21 percent of the vote. But one actress on the list absolutely has no business being there -- because she is completely wrong for Ana's part. How she can even be grouped into the mix with the other actresses who made the cut is beyond me.

Ok, ok -- I'll spill. Here is how the poll is stacking up so far -- I dare you to try not to do a double take and say, "What the hell?" out loud when you see who is listed as number 10. (That's what I said, though my choice of words may have been a little less tame.)

Lucy Hale (21%)
Alexis Bledel (19%)
Katie Cassidy (17%)
Nina Dobrev (10%)
Jenna Dewan-Tatum (10%)
Emma Watson (9%)
Emma Stone (6%)
Lily Collins (5%)
Michelle Trachtenberg (3%)
Angelina Jolie (0%)

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you -- that's Angelina Jolie's name at the very bottom. And I can't help but wonder who the genius is who decided she might be a good fit for the role, because she's about as un-Ana as you can get. (And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so, considering she has no votes thus far.)

Aside from the fact that she's way too gorgeous to play the part (and way too sexually advanced), she's also an old fart when it comes to the other potential picks. The rest of the girls on the list are all young enough to be believable as Ana, but Angie? Really? She's 37, which is like 75 in Hollywood years.

Out of everyone on that list, I'm going to hazard a guess and say it will probably wind up being a race between Lucy Hale and Katie Cassidy. Or maybe we'll be surprised and directors will cast a complete unknown to be the face of Anastasia Steele, which might be a good idea so fans don't go into seeing the film with any preconceived notions.

What do you think -- who on this list is fit to play Ana? Is there another actress you'd choose who isn't listed?


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Betsy Cadel

The list is ridiculous. I believe Angelina might be directing and there's talk of her playing "Mrs. Robinson," which is the perfect choice. I think the studios need to keep their thinking caps on.

katie... katie11908

ewww no thank you i loved the books but sure hope she isn't cast for the part! It will make me not want to see the movies!

Terri Howard

I could really see Lucy Hale pulling it off looking at some of her promo shots.

Angelina def only behind any cameras, NOT in front for this movie!

Donna Rhodes

Yes Angelina would be the perfct Mrs. Robinson!  

Tonya L Jones Eagle

they need to find someone with blue eyes and drake hair


Holly Tegeler Morgan

Not crazy about this choice for Ana AT ALL! Keep trying, please!! I am such a fan and really looking forward to the movies! I would hate to be disappointed after all the hype

Holly Tegeler Morgan

but I do agree Angelina would make an amazing Mrs Robinson....I am still curious as to how they are going to do this movie with an R rating like they want. Bring it on!! I can't wait.


kbanks51 kbanks51

i dont like any of them shes described in the book as clumbsy and none of these girls in my opinion will fit the shouse maybe jenna dewan tatum and ofcourse ian somerhalder  would be my too picks

Amie Kutz

Lucy Hale would be good if they just keep her plain and simple..very minimal makeup...the pics ive seen of her all made up isnt Ana at all, but her with no makeup on, she looks very Ana-ish.

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