New Miley Cyrus Nude Photo Sure Is Surprising

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miley cyrusBack when Miley Cyrus was still a newbie to the Hollywood scene, a full-time Disney employee, and went by the name Hannah Montana 50 percent of the time, mega-risque photos of the barely-teen -- seemingly taken with her cell phone -- hit the web. And it was a major scandal. But that was a loooong time ago. We've seen plenty of Miley's bad girl side -- half-naked, smoking "salvia," posing with a penis cake, etc. -- since. So, nowadays, when a nude pic of Miley surfaces, we're all yawning, right?

Not necessarily. The latest pic to make its way around the web is being buzzed about as a photo she took for fiance Liam Hemsworth. Intrigued now? Obviously you are! Well, you can check it out ...


Uh, yeah. Let's discuss. Clearly, this pic was not taken by Miley, exclusively for Liam. You can tell this is retouched, high-end fashion photography by a pro. And that is, in fact, what it is ... As TooFab reported, the pic is an outtake from a photo shoot for her Gypsy Heart Tour last summer, done by celeb photog Vijat Mohindra. It's just one of many gorgeous tour pics Mohindra got of Miley.

Ah well. So it may not be the X-rated "nude pic" being touted by gossip fiends around the web, and those seeking something more salacious are probably going to be disappointed. But I gotta say: This steamy series may be one of Miley's most lovely to date. My, my, Miley. How far we've come from the days of those grainy amateur cell phone nudes!

Do you agree this is one of Miley's classiest "nudes" by far?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

miley cyrus


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

People need to stop freaking out about leaked Miley Cyrus nudes. She is no longer the immature 15 year old whose nude cell phone photos leaked to the web. Nude is beautiful and natural, and Miley is an adult. She's about to get married for goodness sake! 

Megan Johnson

It's a beautifuly shot and very tasteful picture. :)

nonmember avatar HS

Really? This is a nude photo? You can't see anything you wouldn't see if she had on a bikini. It's a beautiful shot but hardly topless. If I'm seeing full on nipple or cooch, then it doesn't really count as a nude. Same with the lady gaga pic. She has panties on and her boobs covered. Big woop.

aReal... aRealteenMother

I actually think it's a gorgeous photo.

momav... momavanessa

YAWN!!! I always thought she was lame. Still think the same about her!

Dana Sullivan

Is there seriously nothing better to comment on? These are gorgeous photos and are far from nude. Actually, she could have been covered and then digitally filled in for all we know. Several models, including Tyra Banks, preferred that method. I agree that Miley's no saint and has done some unsavory things in the past but, personally, it seems that she has grown up some. Maybe Liam is bringing out the best of her.

Jessie Reyes

This is not a nude photo. Stop trying to make this into something its not. Its just lame.

Laura Jerpseth

I still think it's slutty and disgusting. Sorry, but I find nothing "beautiful" about naked-ness. 

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