'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Drug & Suicide Revelation Was Inevitable

My Teenage Dream EndedI will say this about Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom star is brave with a capital B to talk about suicide and drug addiction.

The shocking revelations that Abraham made this week while doing press for her soon-to-be-released memoir My Teenage Dream Ended could get her in serious trouble -- or at the very least mark her as the screw-up reality star Farrah has been very adamant she doesn't want to be. But the 21-year-old might have just made the most powerful point to come out of the MTV reality series since it began airing in 2009.

So what'd she say?

Farrah, who faced the sudden death of boyfriend Derek Underwood shortly after giving birth to daughter Sophia told In Touch that she spiraled into cocaine and marijuana use during her time on the show to escape her pain. Suicide topped Farrah's thoughts -- she even described the letter she thought of writing to her little girl, a letter that included references to the major changes in Farrah's life that she was unable to come to terms with.

It's a different Farrah from the fun-focused party girl content to leave her child with her mom so she could go meet guys that we saw when Teen Mom first hit TV. It's honest. It's real.

Isn't that why this show was made in the first place? To show that teen parenthood is overwhelming and scary, and America needs to answer it with a two-fold response: prevent kids from getting pregnant in the first place, and support those who do end up there. We spend all this time ripping these kids to shreds, but we forget they're already doing it themselves ... it's largely unnecessary.

It's true, we've seen co-star Amber Portwood's downward spiral into drugs. We've heard about Amber's suicide attempt. Her five-year prison sentence should be a wake-up call.

But Farrah is one of the moms who is actually getting it right. She's straightened out her life. She's finished school, working, raising her daughter. From the outside, she doesn't seem like teen pregnancy was that hard on her -- at least not by comparison.

Taking the facade off might not be the easiest thing for her. The question of how child protective services might take Farrah's confessions is an obvious one already being asked, but I can't help respecting her more for taking the risk.

What do you think of Farrah deciding to come clean about her drug abuse?


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early... earlybird11

I have seen many active drug users who.still have custody of.their children. Child protective services should.not be messing with someone who got.it right. Let them focus on the ones who.are imminent danger like they r supposed to. I will say this, farrah is far from straightening up in my mind. the way she speaks to.her parents is an atrocity ! Her daughter will learn this behavior and that can be just as damaging sometimes !

nonmember avatar Em

There is no threat from CPS unless she is currently being investigated or charged for something.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

If she's not actively doing drugs now and it's a safe environment for the child, Child Services doesn't have any reason to take her away.

nonmember avatar guest

Farrah does NOT have her life together. So she did drugs, a lot of people have done the same thing she has. If she wants to write it in a book, good for her. Big freakin deal. She is a snobby inconsiderate stuck up bitch. She thinks people are beneath her and treats everyone as they are. She doesn't know how to not have an attitude and Sophia is going to learn that it is okay to treat people with no respect. Farrah seems annoyed and unhappy with everything in her life including Sophia. She has her moments, just to save face on t.v. and make it seem like she wants to be a mom but most of the time it comes across as she hates everyone and everything. She is oh so far from straightening anything out.

nonmember avatar guestX

Farrah is great at marketing herself. I wouldn't be so sure some of this isn't for publicity, since her sauce sales aren't doing so well. Either way, even though she's not on drugs now, and shouldn't have any issues with custody, she's not a good mom, she's raising her daughter to be a disrespectful brat, just like her mom and grandma. And for god's sake, lose the damn pacifier, and quit talking to Sophia about your love life!

dirti... dirtiekittie

i have to agree with the other posters here. i don't really think farrah has it together. she's rude, disrespectful, and thinks that no other person could possibly have as rough a life as hers, or be more deserving of a good life than she is. she has absolutely NO respect for her parents, and while you can see they're not the most functional family, farrah seems to go off at NOTHING on everyone around her. her daughter sophia is adorable, but she is going to grow up to be a nightmare if she follows in the footsteps of her immature, selfish brat of a mother.

Jennifer Row McCaughey

This girl is so unpleasant it's hard for me to watch her. I think she and her family are very fake so it is hard to know what is true and what she is willing to say to sell her book.  Her story about her daughters dead father for instance...weren't they broken up when she was pregnant?  Although she treats her mother horribly, it's become more obvious lately that there are serious problems there so I hope she gets it together for her daughters sake.

nikol... nikolita87

I understand that most kids of young moms will eventually know that their mom gave up a lot in order to have them. But seriously, if my mom had been a teen mom and published a book called "My Teenage Dream Ended" I would feel really guilty and responsible... even though clearly I had no control over it. I can definitely see this causing some self-esteem and self-worth issues down the road for her daughter...

Heather Swope

TBH i never really likes farrah! i thought that she was very stuck up and more focused on having fun rather then raising her beautiful little girl. After reading this, i just want to say in the end farrah turned out to be a great mother and everyone has something in their past that they are not proud of and for her to allow the entire world to read about it is brave and i give her kudos. i feel that shes just expressing the changes that she has went through in her life to get her where she is now. *&* from as far as i can tell by the show itself shes a great mom. As long as her past stays in her past i think that child services need to leave that gurl do what she is doing.

Misty Benjamin

Child services maybe, just maybe, has a reason to monitor Farrah. But they no longer have a reason to take Sophia away. As long as Farrah is clean and sober and Sophia is healthy, there is no threat.

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