Caroline Manzo Is the Last 'Real Housewife' Who Should Get a Talk Show

Caroline ManzoWord has it that tough-talking mama Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be getting her own talk show. How original.

Sources tell the Huffington Post that since Bethenny Frankel's daytime show is going so well, there's talk of trying to tap another Housewife to do a similar show, and Caroline is ripe for tapping.

Manzo got a taste for the role earlier this year when she hosted New York Live. Amy Rosenblum, executive producer for the show, said Caroline has the "it factor," and went on to talk about how smart, nice, honest, and relatable she is. Plenty of RHONJ viewers agree I'm sure, but personally, she's one of the last Housewives I'd want to watch host a talk show.

I know she looks sane next to people like Teresa Giudice (not exactly difficult), and we all cheered when she told off Danielle Staub. But here's the thing -- she bugs me.

Oh, I think she's a good (if not overprotective/suffocating) mom, but I'm really bored with her sitting back handing down her holy world and judgement on everyone else, when who knows what she's hiding. She's ridden this we're-thicker-than-thieves, don't-mess-with-the-matriarch thing long enough, and that seems to be about all she has to offer.

In a nutshell: We've had more than enough of Caroline Manzo and her smug self in our lives. Watching her on a daily basis dishing out tough talk, gushing about her kids, and preaching her righteous words would be beyond boring -- we'd all be snoring. Plus, she's been a big cranky pants lately anyway. The only positive would be that she'd probably leave RHONJ, and make room for some new blood, which they could definitely use.

There are plenty of other Housewives who I'd much rather see host a talk show, like her arch enemy Teresa Giudice for one. Who says the host always has to be sane? Sure it might be a train wreck, but isn't that why we like Real Housewives?

Which Real Housewife would you most like to see host a talk show? Would you watch one hosted by Caroline Manzo?


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bills... billsfan1104

Omfg, I agree with you. Thank God I am not the.only one.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I'd only watch Bethenny's talk show. I think Caroline Manzo has a lot of sense, and she shouldn't have a talk show; however, I probably would listen to her on talk radio. 

lisas... lisasuel1

I think she would do great.  Theresa should NEVER have her own show.  She is horrible!  I could picture her getting offended by some guest on her show because of some casual remark that had nothing to do with her then all hell would break loose and Us Weekly would have her on the cover whining again.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Caroline has a lot of admirable traits and is correct a lot of the time, BUT so is alot of people in the world, she is simply "normal" and yet it looks like she is a genius and a saint simply because of what we have to compare her to on the show.  If they give her a show I can give the name, it should be called   The Caroline Manzo I TOLD YOU SO show!

Snoop Catt

You sound jealous as all hell. And wow, if ou don't want to watch... then DON'T!!!! Just because you have some dumbass problem with her, that is absoLUTELY no reason to throw so much angst and negative energy her way because OTHERS REALLY GET HER. I'm not her Biggest fan, but the honesty she has is appealing in a world of fake and simplistic imbeciles like you. Hopefully it will be a breath of fresh air over the type of vicious hot air the likes of which you espouse.
I mean damn, the way you're talkin', you act as though you'd be FORCED to watch it!

Cookie Gradante-Bradshaw

I swear I could have written that article myself---I feel the same way about her- This season she totally annoys me--I would NOT watch her show at all!

Katan... Katandtysmom609

I agree,, I agree,, I agree... she is getting on my nerves... I hate it when her segment comes on when I'm watching RHONJ...OH and I cannot wait for her skeletons in that Proverbial Closet of hers come out to play... LOL

Velvet Cross Lakatos Thompson

The only way I would watch her show is so I could witness her/show sizzle and burn! I DESPISE her AND her lisp! I think Theresa should get her own show on a food network. She can't be any worse than Dina; who's show is so damn tacky and full of overly decorated rooms filled with dust magnets! Team Theresa on this one!

Kay Dickerson Wills

You are so right about Caroline. She gets on my last nerve with how honest and wonderful she is and her kids. Isn't so great great that she's so perfect. For the woman that said she's her biggest fan. So what. If Caroline can say what ever she likes so can we. Don't like her and wouldn't watch a talk show with her in it. My right to say so and by no means I'm I jealous of her.

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