'50 Shades Darker' Cheat Sheet: All You Need to Keep Up With the Kinky Conversation

fifty shades darkerI'd venture to guess one of the main things both Fifty Shades of Grey haters and fans are most riled up about is the fact that E.L. James penned not one, but three books about Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. So even if you feel like you've sort of got a hold of the first book, there are still two more to wrap your head around.

As far as the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, is concerned, I've heard mixed reviews. Everything from "OMG I flew threw it, because there's just so much sex!" to "OMG I can't get through it -- it's all sex." But believe it or not, there's also a lot of plot-building that is absolutely necessary for the, errmm, climax of the series. So, without further ado, The Stir's exclusive cheat sheet on the second book in the series of the summer ... (Here's the first for Fifty Shades of Grey if you happened to miss it!)

New characters:

Jack Hyde - Ana's creepy, touchy-feeling boss at Seattle Independent Publishing who seems to get more menacing as the book goes on.

Elena Lincoln - Beautiful blonde ice queen/cougar type who introduced Christian to BDSM when he was a teen. Ana refers to her as "Mrs. Robinson."

Leila - Christian's ex-sub who had some psychological issues and comes back to haunt him in his new life with Ana.

Mia Grey - Christian's younger sister who ends up having a crush on Katherine Kavanaugh's brother, Ethan.

Elliot Grey - Christian's younger brother who ends up hooking up with and dating Katherine Kavanaugh.

Dr. Flynn - Christian's British psychiatrist who, to Ana's chagrin, "doesn't give much away."

Bare-bones plotline:

After Ana flees Christian's "Red Room of Pain" and the two spend five days apart, they find their way back to one another and attempt to create a relationship that is both parts vanilla/romantic and "kinky f***ery." But Ana can't enjoy the high life with Christian without avoiding several outside forces -- like Jack Hyde, Elena, Leila -- that seem determined to tear them apart.

5 Most Talked About Scenes:

  1. The pool table - After using a game of pool as a form of foreplay, Christian bends Anastasia over the table, her "inner goddess grabs a rose between her teeth and starts to tango," and he spanks her -- with a ruler!
  2. The yacht - Christian takes Ana aboard his fancypants boat The Grace (named after his mom) and lets her steer it. Of course, that's not all he lets her "steer." Heh heh.
  3. Meeting Leila - Ana comes face-to-face with Christian's past, who is toting a gun! She can't help but think "Holy f***" when Leila "drops to the floor on her knees, her head bowed, and the gun falls and skitters uselessly across the wooden floor." 
  4. Christian lets Ana touch him - After being forbidden from touching her lover on certain areas of his body, Ana's finally given free reign.
  5. Christian proposes - After a chilling event in which his helicopter goes missing, Christian returns to Seattle, only to realize he wants to give Ana hearts and flowers she so desires. Along with a big fat diamond ring!

Stay tuned for a Fifty Shades Freed (book 3) cheat sheet at the end of the week!

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nonmember avatar Robin

Love all three of theses books, very good story line!

Rachel Garber

There weren't three books written, the origial ff, aka fan fiction, was two parter of many many chapters, sort of like MoTU Master of the Universe as it was originally known, Part 1 and Part 2, the publsiher probably wouldhave had to leave out a lot of chapers, so went with a 3 part book. Mr. Grey was seriously abused totddler, so he always kept his T-shirt on during sex (use your thinking cap to figure out what was done to him) it was only after he began to trust Ana aka Bella, that he let her see how badly damaged his body was.

Myra Beveridge

im onto second book fifty shades darker .and its a love story so im entraled as to whats going to happen 

love cocurs all i think ....

Myra Beveridge

excuse my lousy spelling

i meant to say love concurs alll and ive still spent it wrong





coffe... coffee.crisp

Groan. Not really sure why I bothered to read this. But better than wasting time reading the whole book I guess.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

My god. How many more article ideas can you stir writers POSSIBLY come up with?? I thought you'd covered them all weeks ago, but apparently I was wrong. (Why does it always seem like it's Maressa writing them?)

Anastasia Carter

The first book was the best theothers not so much, a least that is what I thought which doesn't count for much. I really liked the character of Christian Grey, which I really didn't think I would. As for Anastasia Steele, she just got on my nerves with all the second guessing and over analyzing every little thing and just plainly reading to much into stuff that really didn't need to read into in the first place. I kind of wish the book focused more on Christian and his back story and such more, maybe narrated through his eyes. Over all the books weren't Shakespeare or anything but over all I enjoyed them.  

sugar... sugarsmom2

loved all the three books am not done with the last one yet . but i helped me regain a part of me that i thought was gone many years ago . .you take away from life what you give but you can help with what you have to make it better . work at it with hubby or boy friend .

Janell Elizabeth Meyer

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nonmember avatar jonezy

i thought elliot was older...

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