Arie Luyendyk Considers a 'Bachelor I Do' -- Even Before ABC Proposes (VIDEO)

arie luyendykArie Luyendyk as ABC's next Bachelor: It's almost a forgone conclusion, isn't it? Even he seems to think so! In an interview at an Indianapolis NASCAR race, Arie pretty much admitted that he's mulling over the role -- even though he hasn't actually been asked, yet.

"It's a tough decision. I'll have to say. They're going to announce it shortly but I've had to think about it and so I haven't made a decision yet. So ..."

"So have they asked you?"

"They haven't asked me, no."

Oh Arie! When you assume you make an ass ... well, you know the rest. But maybe he's right to assume he'll be invited to be the next Bachelor?


After all, he already knows how the reality TV gig goes: "I do know that it can work on the show." (He means "I do know I can work on the show.) He says all the right things: "I just like a very witty, smart, fun-loving girl." And he had a 100-percent handsomeness record for Bachelorette (he NEVER, ever forgot to be handsome).

And of course, he is reportedly a fame whore. Oh come on, you know that makes for great television! We're talking about sustaining an entire series as the lead. Modest wallflower ain't gonna cut it.

Then again, what could be more thrilling and exciting than to surprise us all with a totally new Bachelor, someone we've never heard of? Hey, no hard feelings, Arie. We know you'll still end up doing a whole round of interviews to talk about how surprised you were that you weren't asked to be on the show. Not that you expected it or anything. I mean, after a lot of thought, you decided it just wasn't meant to be ...

Do you think ABC will ask Arie Luyendyk to be the next Bachelor?


Image via Indy Star

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