‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Giudice Has Some Serious Dirt on Caroline Manzo (VIDEO)

teresa giudiceI have to hand it to the Bravo editors who turned Caroline Manzo's prediction about Teresa Giudice's future into the prophecy heard round the world. It was the best minute or two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey ever since last year's season premiere when a Godfather-esque fight broke out during a christening. The powers-that-be at the network made Caroline's voice front and center and dimmed all the background noise as they showed footage of Teresa and Joe Giudice pretending, as the editing would allude, to be happy. I was in awe. Mrs. Manzo put the gun on the mantel, now we just have to wait and see when and how it gets used.

But before we get to that, we, of course, have to have Teresa's reaction to Caroline's fortune-telling. And we, of course, have to laugh at her knee-jerk reaction to put people down when she feels threatened.

Teresa was on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live last night and when Andy asked her about Carolina's soothsaying, Teresa responded, well, how should we say this -- she responds in a way only Teresa can. She raises her eyebrows, blinks a thousand times, gets a little stuttery, throws Caroline under the bus for having her own skeletons, then giggles her way out as if ha ha ha it's all no big deal, but really, it's the biggest deal in the world. Even Andy seemed uncomfortable by her transparency.

Only time and the judicial branch of New Jersey will tell if Joe Giudice is taken to the slammer, but I buy into Caroline's oracle hook, line, and sinker. It makes perfect sense that Teresa would write a book about raising four kids while their dad is in jail. I mean, she's sold that story before, why wouldn't she do it again.

But what I'm really hoping for is some sort of twist. Maybe Tre will, indeed, expose Caroline's alleged skeletons -- did Caroline push her daughter too far to get a lap band? was she the one who funded Albie's hair plugs? should she, the self-appointed mama bear and voice of reason, be more concerned that the her adult children are riding her coattails into the less-than-savory reality TV arena? -- maybe, just maybe, Teresa's the loaded gun on stage that no one's really thinking of.

What do you think?


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linzemae linzemae

SHe never wants to discuss her life but is on a reality show. Funny how we all thought Danielle was the villan but now that she is out of the picture the "real" Teresa shows up.

Holly Sweet-Steves

Its is to say something Theresa But harder to back it up with some facts. Be careful I feel a Liable and slander coming. You made your bed and so did Joe.........Own It! 

Joanne Hester

Teresa is not the villan.  Danielle was gunning for the Manzo's.  Teresa sweet sister in law gave Danielle something to use on Teresa because  Teresa had Dena and carolin Jaqulines back.  I think it is funny how Teresa is stupid but she is also some evil mastermind.

Holly Sweet-Steves

Lets try it again..........It is one thing to say say something about someone but it is another to back it up with some facts. Facts she doesnt have. I feel a Liable and Salnder Suit coming your way. Caroline didnt  

Mj Martin

Go 'head Teresa,  Let them know what time it is!  The first two seasons I was more of a Danielle fan, but Teresa keeps rolling with the punches like a soldier and I respect that.  I hope Teresa brings it on home at the reunion and spills everything.

Kim Cutlip

Once again Teresa shows just what a low class act she is. She puts herself out there with no holds barred then when she is called on it she becomes defensive and throws anyone and everybody under the bus. Once again Teresa dont go away mad just go away.

Norma J Brill

   Teresa never See's anything wrong in what she does or says. She knows her hubby is fooling around with other woman, but keeps that under the cover. Both Teresa and Carolin are chit starters.

Jacquie Singleton

Theresa, you are such an air-headed dip shit! Throwing other peo-ple under the bus does not take the limelight off of you..."just saying   just saying"      (bitch)

nonmember avatar micki

Who but WHO really cares about these 2 people, they are both NUTS and do not have any life but the life to hurt and talk about others. Both of you get a life and take care of your children and Home.

Dorothy Smith

I am sick, sick, sick of Caroline.  Who does she think she is anyway?  How can a mother tell her daughter she is fat.  Shame shame on her.  She has made her daughter feel like her brothers are the kings and she is nothing.  Look in your own closet, Caroline and stay out of other peoples.  You are NOT a good person.

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