Alcide's Wild Werewolf Sex Scene Becomes His Most Naked ‘True Blood’ Tryst Ever (VIDEO)

alcide and rikkiUmmmm. So, I don't know about you Truebies, but I still haven't recovered from that sex scene in last night's True Blood -- yes, THAT sex scene, the one where Alcide and Rikki have ... well, let's put it this way: Sookie, you seriously missed out. Like, kick yourself and kick yourself HARD, girl, because throwing up on Alcide that night was basically the biggest mistake you've ever made -- or ever will make -- in your life. Apparently when two werewolves get together (two werewolves who look like Alcide and Rikki, anyway), things get so wild, vampire sex almost looks tame by comparison. ALMOST. I mean, did you see when Alcide grabbed Rikki and ... I'm sorry, what were we talking about?


Well. Now we know what Joe Manganiello was talking about at Comic-Con when he said Alcide was going to "sexually eviscerate" another cast member in an upcoming episode. That's one way to put it! (Of course, anywhere any way Mr. Manganiello wants to put it is fine by me.) And you can trust me on this one, because just to make sure this is THE scene he was talking about, I watched it a few times to make sure. Only a few, I swear. (It IS still Monday, right?)

Of course, you might want to check it out yourself. Warning: NSFW

Uh-huh. That totally looks like "sexual evisceration," right? Told you.

Then again, we could be wrong. Better hit replay. Just like, two or three more times. For real! No, I don't have a "problem," okay?

What did you think of Alcide and Rikki's sex scene?

Image via EricFuckingNorthman/YouTube

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