Katie Holmes Skips First Planned Public Appearance & Scientologists Get Blamed


Katie HolmesThis weekend Katie Holmes was set to attend a red carpet event for the Dizzy Feet Foundation gala in Los Angeles. It's a fantastic organization she co-founded that helps provide dance classes to low-income children across the United States. It was to be her first planned public appearance since her divorce from Tom Cruise, and it seemed like a good first step back into her work life. Only she ended up cancelling at the last minute.

The question is why? Some have speculated that it's because her security team feared the Scientologists. A source told Celebuzz:

Katie was really excited about attending the event, but in the end, her security team had concerns about the situation, especially the daytime event given it was being held in a public park. Katie is devastated at the turn of events. She was really looking forward to it.

The source went on to say that while security had been beefed up, still they couldn't "guarantee Katie's safety."

I'm sorry, I find the Scientology religion to be as baffling as anyone, but thinking that they're actually a threat to her seems like a pretty big conspiracy theory to me. What exactly would they do to her? Brainwash her and force her to take Tom back? It's a little late for that. Also, Scientologists are already eyed with enough suspicion; the last thing need is some big public scandal. And for all of their unconventional ways, they don't seem to be a violent set.

Nor is she hunkered away fearing their far-reaching grasp. Guess what Katie Holmes actually did do yesterday? She fed the giraffes with Suri. At the Bronx Zoo. In public. I'm sure security for that was a much trickier job that at a charity event.

Then last night, she had dinner in a restaurant with a mystery man (who turned out to be her attorney). She even spoke to paparazzi! And lo and behold, no Scientologists tried any funny business. 

My guess is that her cancelling the appearance in L.A. had absolutely nothing to do with Scientology. Rather, I would bet it had everything to do with Suri and her well being. It's only been a month since the divorce, and to travel across the country with or without her, probably just felt like a lot. They're just getting settled in New York, and maybe she felt like the timing wasn't right.

Whatever the reason, it's her prerogative, and while I'm sure attendees of the event were disappointed she didn't attend, her true fans will surely understood. As for the Scientologists, they probably have better things to do anyway ... like perhaps tracking down Tom's next romantic victim interest.

Do you think Scientologists are a threat to Katie Holmes?

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bills... billsfan1104

I dont think Scientology was to blame here. I blame the papparazi for this. They probably felt that it would be out of control, an for everyone's safety, to include hers and the kids.

luv.m... luv.my.kids.365

I am sort of with billsfan.  I don't know per say that Scientology is to blame... But there is something to be said about scheduled events and bad things happening. So, not going across the country and taking her daughter to the zoo, was not a terrible choice.

aReal... aRealteenMother

I also agree with billsfan.. I'm more inclined to blame the paparazzi. Or maybe she just wanted to go to the freakin' zoo lol.

nonmember avatar jen

Not saying they would go after Katie but "And for all of their unconventional ways, they don't seem to be a violent set"...hmm, you don't know too much about Scientology, do you?

jessi... jessicasmom1

I think she will be just fine , scientology will not be in her life if she tends not to believe with their beliefs .. they are best to stay with Tom .

sheph... shepherdess5

I think everyone should leave this poor woman and her child alone...and even Cruise as they learn how to be in the new lives!  Divorce is so hard on kids and the adults involved...let alone doing it in the public eye!  Leave them alone!!

nonmember avatar Sissy

The Church of Scientology does indeed have a very sinister side. They have a long history of sinister acts and actions, especially toward people who escape or try to escape the cult. Please do some research. They are not just a group of loony people: they are indeed violent.

shrim... shrimpmommy

Scientology is based on a loon's belief. They are a cult and I wouldn't trust them at all. Better be safe than sorry.

cmjaz cmjaz

They are a crazy cult, but not stupid. They aren't going to do anything to her. Tom still obviously loves her and probably wouldn't take too kindly if anything happened to her.

Tonia Randolph Spencer

To those who say "Tom still loves her"  AND THE PROOF OF THAT IS WHAT?

To those who say Scientology couldn't have anything to gain by doing something to her.. WELL Neither did the "HAIL BOP COMMET CULT MEMBERS HAVE ANYTHING TO GAIN BY DRINKING POISON.. BUT THEY DID IT!" Cults are not usually known for their rational thinking!

Katie Holmes did what she did.. I don't see how any of this really is big news! Then again I don't see why people get all wrapped up in the lives of stars.. Ultimately in the day to day scheme of things... IT HAS NO BEARING ON YOUR LIFE!


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