'Bachelorette' Runner-Up Arie Luyendyk Has Almost Everything It Takes to Be Next 'Bachelor'

arie luyendykHe seems like such a nice guy. Even though Arie Luyendyk Jr. was dumped by Bachelorette Emily Maynard in front of millions, he's managed to come across so likable that we don't even have time to feel sorry for him. I'll admit I wasted two hours of my life watching that boring After the Rose show or whatever, and while I was pissed there weren't any twists (hello, we watch for the drama, not the love stuff), I found myself really liking Arie. He seemed like a great guy who's totally normal, who's handsome and employed, and who would make a great Bachelor if Chris Harrison isn't vying for the role himself. Then it occurred to me that anyone who goes on reality TV is automatically bat shit, soooo, yeah, this Arie sitch is a sticky one. Do we like this guy?


I guess we have to accept him in the context of reality television and know that underneath his kind, warm eyes lies an insatiable beast so hungry for fame that he'd sell his soul to ABC for a shot at meeting someone, then six weeks later, proposing to her. Anyone who hears that descriptor and is like, sign me up!, has issues, plain and simple.

Then again, if we ignore that fame-craving side of him, we've got a guy who's so sweet and level-headed that he'd be happy to be the best man at Emily and Jef's wedding. He just wants them to be happy, you guys! We've got a guy who writes journals and delivers them to girls' doorsteps, and perhaps most importantly, we've got a guy who's 6'2" and from the Netherlands. It doesn't get much better than that.

My only reservations about Arie as the next Bachelor would be that, like Emily, his personality doesn't really come beaming through the television. If he wants viewers, he's gotta amp up the drama a little bit and maybe let that fame-starved side of his get some more action.

Because The Bachelor isn't The Bachelor until an egomaniacal Bachelor realizes he's on The Bachelor and makes egomaniacal wannabe Bachelorettes cry into their champagne.

Do you think Arie would be a good Bachelor?


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