Matt Bomer's '50 Shades of Grey' Magazine Cover Is a Preview of What's to Come (PHOTO)

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matt bomer entertainment weekly coverFrom fan faves like Ian Somerhalder to little-knowns like Oliver Jackson-Cohen, it feels as though just about any and every hot actor in Hollywood has been rumored to be under consideration for what might be The Lead Role of the Century -- Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation. But if you were to believe a PhotoShopped Entertainment Weekly cover making its way around the web, you might think one man had already risen to the top of the heap ... His name's Matt Bomer.

The White Collar actor appears on the EW cover, above the caption, "Fifty Shades of Grey: The wait is over. Matt Bomer talks about changing the white collar for a grey tie." Uh, judging from that, you'd be certain that the films' producers had already cast him in the role, right? But you'd be mistaken.

The fake EW's cover -- created by Dann Barba, a fan campaigning for Bomer to score the role -- took a bunch of us for a major ride!

The truth is that Matt hasn't scored the role, and Fifty producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti have said "no one has been cast in any role," as they are set on tying down (ha ha) "a writer and director first." Geeze, I'm almost starting to feel bad for anyone attached to this production; they probably have to have pre-scheduled tweets going out every 24 hours denying that these roles have been cast!

Guess you can't really blame this fan for her creation, being that this little trick was just an extreme example of something all media is doing right now. And it's our faults for falling for it, too, because we're just that obsessed with who will be cast as Christian Grey! Seriously, has there ever been a hunt for a leading man like this before??!

That said, we should better resign ourselves now to the hype. It's not gonna go away anytime soon. And when they do cast the role, the obsession will only morph into how The Chosen One will be on-screen. Ah well. Kinda makes me feel like we should embrace the mystery for now -- and enjoy this guessing game for as long as it lasts!

Were you duped by the EW cover? Are you enjoying the guessing game and rooting for your "chosen one" to win the role?

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nonmember avatar Diana

Matt Bomer is the most ridiculously attractive man I've ever seen.

Dann Barba

i made it!! :D no one but has given me credit -_-

Wendy Patterson

I think he would be great for the role, and he is one sexy man. But he just came out, and I dont think a gay man should play Christian Grey. I am not anti-gay by no means so please no one take that wrong! I just think a straight man should get the part! But he is a very sexy sexy man! :)

Fenix825 Fenix825

I would Loooooooooooooooooove to see him cast as Christian Grey. He's absolutely gorgeous.

Kim Slater Vetter


Kimberly Rome Heger

Matt Bomer has always been my choice for Mr. Grey!!!! He has it all!  He is sexy, mysterious and looks good in suits, just pj bottoms or jeans and no shirt, he is the right age, he can play the serious role and the role of dominance yet be able to fall in love.  His eyes are perfect for Mr. Grey and anyone could easily OBEY THIS MR. GREY!

Donna Rhodes

I just love Matt! I don't care if he is gay. The fact that you can watch him in any role he plays and NOT know he is gay shows what an incredible actor he is. When I watch White Collar that fact never even enters my mind...then I will see some comment like what Wendy posted and think...OH YEAH! He is gay, I had completely forgotten that!
He could do a great job for sure!
Kim I checked out Gabriel Aubrey...he definitely looks the part!

Claudia Portia Leverett

For me it's former Prison Break Star Wentworth Miller grow his hair out and that body and BAAM! the perfect Christian Grey! As well as die her hair and "Hunger Games" Leven Rambin makes for a great Anestasia Steel!

nonmember avatar Stephanie T

I am so with the Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) comment!!!!

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