Ingenious Kate Gosselin Dating Show Spoof Is Wildly Funny (VIDEO)

kate gosselinYou heard the one about Kate Gosselin shopping around a reality TV dating show, right? Oh, it's a real doozy. Apparently, Kate's looking to sell her soul to a TV network aaaaaall over again, and thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel was able to articulate what we've all been thinking in one awesome commercial spoof for Kate's new show. He says it's The Bachelorette meets Deadliest Catch, and includes a part where Kate and her eight kids hunt for a husband/stepdad on a desert island.

Kate plus eight scavenging the wild to land a dude? Now that's a show I can get behind. Watch.


Jimmy's on to something here. I love the idea of a desert island, am really on board with the random selection of men, and fully support a Hunger Games-esque plot where Kate and her kids track and end the life, as he knows it, of the weakest contestant in the herd.

I really do hope that Kate gets her own show, though. For one, I think it'd be inadvertently hilarious, and for two, I want her to earn a paycheck so that those 4,000 kids of hers don't starve. Oh and thirdly, if her show is, indeed, anything like The Bachelorette, I'd love to see the men get introduced to her brood. Can you imagine how wide their eyes would get, how sweaty their brows would become, and how hard they'd have to fight the urge to flee, flee, for the love of christ, just flee?

It'd be a dream come true for any and all reality TV lovers.

What do you think of Jimmy's spoof?


Photo via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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