Top 5 Dysfunctional Family Movies

Families are not perfect. For some reason, we compare our family to a Hallmark card during the holidays. Try to resist the comparison this season. Rejoice in your family, quirks and all, this Thanksgiving holiday. Put the fun back in dysfunctional and laugh! Here are some of my favorite dysfunctional family movies you can watch to prepare for your family gathering this week!


Little Miss Sunshine-This movie made me laugh...and cry.

The Royal Tenenbaums-Wes Anderson's classic tale of family dysfunction!

Parenthood-This movie should be mandatory viewing for all parents. The kid that bangs his head on the wall? Classic.

Garden State-This movie offers the best of human nature and the worst.

Home for the Holidays-This mid 90's flick with Holly Hunter is not to be missed!

I know I've missed some good movies! Tell me some of your faves for dysfunctional family movies!

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