'Real Housewives of Miami' Season 2 Just Might Be Worth Watching (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Miami season 2Anyone who made it through even one episode of the first season of The Real Housewives of Miami awake knows it was painful. For all of the promise of the spicy cast in the crazy city of Miami, it was a big boring letdown -- easily the worst season of Real Housewives EVER. So the fact that they even renewed it was surprising. More shocking, however: Season two actually looks good. Really good, so get your mojitos ready.

A new trailer for the upcoming season, said to be planned to air in September, has been released, and it's muy caliente. There's hot new blood, punches thrown, and most importantly -- Elsa Patton, the often tipsy witch and only saving grace of season one, is coming back, and seems to have a starring role.

Check out what's in store, after the jump.

The three minutes in that clip alone were more entertaining than the entire last season of RHOM. We can only hope it lives up to the hype.

So who are these ladies in the fray? The season two cast is made of a few veterans and a few newbies. Here's the lineup, starting with those who are coming back.

Lea Black: The tough-talking Texan likes to collect people, throw parties, and raise money for charity. Previews show she may have upped her fashion game a bit -- thank goodness there were no mom jeans in sight.

Marysol Patton: She herself is pretty boring, especially now that her secret Aspen wedding to her young French boyfriend is said and done. But since without her there would be no Elsa, I'm okay with her staying.

Adriana De Moura: She brought a fair amount of heat last season, and her job in the art business brings in that Miami scene, which is a good thing. I'm glad to see her back.

As for the newbies, they sound pretty interesting ....  to say the least. From Bravo:

Lisa Hochstein: A self-proclaimed “professional housewife,” Lisa Hochstein is married to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein, who is known as the "Boob God" of Miami. At age 29, Lisa has made three appearances in Playboy magazine and excels at shopping, lounging and hanging out with her maid and best friend Daisy. (Maid and best friend? That I've got to see.)

Joanna Krupa: Born in Warsaw, Poland and raised in Chicago, Joanna Krupa is a model and actress who splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles. She has appeared on magazine covers including FHM, Shape and Playboy. Her television appearances include Las Vegas, CSI and she has been hosting and judging Poland's Next Top Model since 2010.  She also competed on Dancing With the Stars in 2009 with one-time champion Derek Hough.

Ana Quincoces: Ana is a successful business woman who is a partner at her law firm, in addition to being a celebrity chef and cookbook author. Voted Miami's "Hottest Chef" by Eater Magazine in 2011, Ana says her greatest achievements in life are her two daughters, Kati, 20, and Beba, 19.  

Karent Sierra: Dr. Karent Sierra is a celebrity dentist who firmly believes that creating “perfect” smiles can change lives. Always one to keep her Colombian heritage alive, Karent moved her retired parents into her mansion and has been dating her telenovela star boyfriend, Rodolfo Jiménez, for the past two and half years.

What a bunch, huh? Seriously, with a mix like that, how can things NOT be interesting. It's clearly a last-ditch effort by Bravo to save the Miami franchise, but it seems to be a damn good one. Personally, I can't wait! 

Will you watch Real Housewives of Miami Season 2?


Image via Bravo

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Jscot... Jscott1216

Just a bunch of classless women acting like vulgar trash. No thanks! The housewives shows just keep gettin worse as the seasons continue

abrow... abrown33179

No.  I live in Miami, and I'm sure those are not the only nationalities of housewives that live in Miami.

Anna Maria

Ugghhh...another bullshit classless loud mouth trash talking miserable bitches causing nothing but drama. Seriously? Are there no HAPPY rich people around. If this is what you have to deal with when you have money, I'll gladly stay middle-class. Bravo needs to revap these Housewives shows. It's so annoying already. Every season, there's more garbage and less quality on those shows. I used to love every Housewives shows in all the cities, but after this past season with Orange County and New Jersey...I'm am falling out of love with the shows. I am sure I could find something better to watch than these stupid shows. I'm at the point where I would rather watch HOARDERS and the filth they live in than the beautiful mansions where the occupants are such miserable bitches.


nonmember avatar Kay

Someone should get that old lady out of Miami, she's melting.

Carol Opie

Andy are you really this desperate?  This show was a train wreck last time, along with Washington, I was happy thinking they weren't coming back.  Lea and Adrianna are two wackadoos.  I may be in the minority, but I can do without Atlanta and Miami altogether thanks.

Norma J Brill

omg not again, duck incoming disaster. carol i agree.

Dee Jaeger

All of you who talk shit about th real housewives are obviously full of shit yourselves because you obviously have some interest in watching the drama or the real housewives from the stir would not be something that you read all about on your computer....Think about it, when you hate on others, you are a HATER...and maybe you need to check your settings...and yourselves......And that's all I have to say about that...Except, I'll check it out.,Cuz I am a FAN not a hater...That's why I read the articles and watch the shows


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