Katherine Jackson May Have Been Drugged By Her Own Kids (VIDEO)


katherine jacksonThe latest Jackson family drama is the craziest yet -- and if you know anything about this famous clan, that is saying a lot.

TMZ is reporting that matriarch Katherine Jackson may have been drugged by one of her own children. This whole sordid tale began when she was reported missing. Soon after, reports surfaced that she was safe and sound, visiting relatives in Arizona -- but not everyone is buying that.

The legal guardian of Michael's three kids, the 82-year-old has a lot of money at her disposal. Apparently she called her home in Calabasas, California -- where she lives with Paris, Prince Michael, and Blanket -- at 2 a.m. and then again at 4 a.m. A source says that she sounded "drugged" both times as she ordered that the security team be fired. Just days earlier, those very guards had allegedly stopped her children Randy, Jermaine, and Janet from taking the grandkids to Arizona. She also ordered they be replaced by Janet's own security team.

The sound of her voice made people in the house "alarmed and nervous." TMZ goes on to report that sources say her kids may have actually drugged her. Crazy right? Personally, I find this all hard to believe. Yes, Michael's siblings have been at war over his multimillion-dollar estate since his death, but this would be taking things to a nutty new level. I am going wait to see how this one plays out. It sounds more like a Lifetime movie than reality.

Do you think Katherine's kids would actually drug her to gain control?


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tuffy... tuffymama

I wouldn't put anything past them. Money is a base motivator that pushes people to sinister ends. Also, maybe they don't care for Mama so very much, since she sat by and *let* Papa Joe abuse them when they were kids. Yeah, I think something awful is going on. I feel for those kids, and it's a pity their real biological parents aren't anywhere around to help.

cmjaz cmjaz

No. Its a pity that MJ himself isn't here to take care of his children.

shrim... shrimpmommy

Yes, I believe it. Please keep researching and making public all information. They are manipulating her for money. Classic greed.

FaithNco FaithNco

Perhaps MJ's children need to be with their biological family.

CPN322 CPN322

I have been reading all kinds of crazy stories about them(slow couple days at work) and after reading them it seems possible. They are making themselves look like money hungry assholes by fighting over his estate. The money should go to his kids!! What the heck did they do to deserve any of it?? By being good family members? You are supposed to be good to your family because thats your family, not because you will get some kind of payout for it!

nonmember avatar kathy

I wouldn't put it past them to tr a stunt like this..especially the ones that have had their careers flop.. MJ's estate is valued at over 1 billion dollars now.. those brothers see only dollar signs.. probably the girls as well.. Don't know if Janet needs the money.. her career has been pretty stable and I don't know what she is worth right now.. Katherine is too old to be financially responsible for MJ's kids.. someone outside the family should be. The money is too much temptation .

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