lauren manzoSo, you know how the other night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice slammed Bethenny Frankel and her Skinnygirl line for no reason whatsoever? I mean, other than the reason of being rude and garnering publicity for herself? Well now Caroline's daughter, Lauren Manzo, has retaliated with an anti-Teresa, pro-Bethenny (pro-publicity) tweet.

Sunday night, the youngest Manzo posted a Twitpic of herself drinking -- you guessed it -- a Skinnygirl cocktail! And along with this finely-staged photo is the caption: "I love Skinny Girl... Love that it doesn't taste diety."

Well-played, Lauren, well-played.

Listen. Think what you want of Bethenny, but the fact of the matter is, the woman is a massive success. For somebody like Teresa to bash the juggernaut cocktail line that is Skinnygirl is flat-out ridiculous. Clearly, she's just jealous. So good for Lauren for calling her out. Buuut ... I definitely think the photo -- which tagged Andy Cohen in it -- wasn't just to "fight the good fight." I think Lauren was trying to drum up a little publicity of her own. 

See, the photo was posted on Sunday night -- the night RHONJ is on -- and castmembers of reality TV always see the show before it airs. So, methinks this was a wee-bit premeditated. I mean, hey, maybe Lauren drinks Skinnygirl margs all the time, but we've never seen a tweet about it before, have you?

I guess who cares, though, right? The point is this: Teresa shouldn't have made a completely unprovoked jab at Bethenny, and I have way too much time on my hands. Also, I want a Skinnygirl margarita right now. But that's unrelated. Kind of.

What do you think of Teresa's jab at Bethenny?


Image via Twitter