Lauren Manzo Blasts Teresa Giudice in Well-Staged Skinnygirl Tweet

lauren manzoSo, you know how the other night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice slammed Bethenny Frankel and her Skinnygirl line for no reason whatsoever? I mean, other than the reason of being rude and garnering publicity for herself? Well now Caroline's daughter, Lauren Manzo, has retaliated with an anti-Teresa, pro-Bethenny (pro-publicity) tweet.

Sunday night, the youngest Manzo posted a Twitpic of herself drinking -- you guessed it -- a Skinnygirl cocktail! And along with this finely-staged photo is the caption: "I love Skinny Girl... Love that it doesn't taste diety."

Well-played, Lauren, well-played.

Listen. Think what you want of Bethenny, but the fact of the matter is, the woman is a massive success. For somebody like Teresa to bash the juggernaut cocktail line that is Skinnygirl is flat-out ridiculous. Clearly, she's just jealous. So good for Lauren for calling her out. Buuut ... I definitely think the photo -- which tagged Andy Cohen in it -- wasn't just to "fight the good fight." I think Lauren was trying to drum up a little publicity of her own. 

See, the photo was posted on Sunday night -- the night RHONJ is on -- and castmembers of reality TV always see the show before it airs. So, methinks this was a wee-bit premeditated. I mean, hey, maybe Lauren drinks Skinnygirl margs all the time, but we've never seen a tweet about it before, have you?

I guess who cares, though, right? The point is this: Teresa shouldn't have made a completely unprovoked jab at Bethenny, and I have way too much time on my hands. Also, I want a Skinnygirl margarita right now. But that's unrelated. Kind of.

What do you think of Teresa's jab at Bethenny?


Image via Twitter

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Mj Martin

Oh Pleeeease, Teresa wasn't taking a 'jab' at Bethenney she was just stating her opinion. Grow up, campaigning Politicians take jabs, but what Teresa said was like me not liking diet soda (and I don't because of the TASTE). Lauren Manzo needs to have a seat and stay in a child's place before people start going in on her and hers. That Tweet was probably just a publicity stunt.

Linda Rizio Boyle

Theresa's comment was out of left field and totally uncalled for. Why would she ever say anything against her Bravo family without provocation. Everyone knows she is completely jealous of Bethany. Notice how Skinny Italian came out AFTER Skinny Girl. And ....Lauren you look fabulous you are in inspiration and....Caroline's kids and Greg are great! They bring the fun. Love them. I think they could do a reality show with just the Manzo family. I say get rid of Theresa and add a Laurita sister.

nonmember avatar Laueie

Give me a break Lauren....she has a right to her opinion! They make me sick. Just like her mom. Please worry about yourself and your weight loss surgery.

Jscot... Jscott1216

Teresa is a moronic psycho who

Needs therapy. I can't stand her fake hypocritical ass! Get rid of her bravo!!! And Lauren looks AMAZING!!!!

Theresa Jones

Everytime Teresa says ANYTHING, people take offense to it! Get over it! She was not going after Bethenny,(and I am a HUGE fan of Bethenny) she was just stating HER beverages will not taste like a DIET DRINK!! Big whip?

Kathy Hammond Fridley

Lauren you look soooooo great keep it up,you have to stay on top of it everyday,only let 5lbs go back on then cut back,its sooooo easy to go back on,even with any surgery,I had the rou-n-y because I have lupus and they wont put the lapband in me.I lost 209lbs,back in 07,but I still mut watch its only a tool not the magic pill all those haters of the surgery say its a cop out,they are just jealous and wish they could do it,I know you feel so much better as I do,it saved my life,because of my lupus I had to do something that worked,and it did,WTGO<PRETTY GIRL!!!!!!

nonmember avatar micki

Who really cares about either one, toooooo much sad and important things going on to worry about this silly stuff......they should all get off TV and do their fighting in their backyards and not on TV really way toooooooo much.

Kim Cutlip

Lauren you look fantastic

Thanks for the Skinny Girl Plug

I love everything Skinny Girl

Don't go away mad Teresa just go away

nonmember avatar Rona

Pleeeeze. I'm with most everybody here. Who cares!

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