'Real Housewives' Danielle Staub for U.S. Senate!

Danielle StaubI almost choked on my pinot grigio when I read it, but there it was in black and white: Danielle Staub, former star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey wants to run for the U.S. Senate. And she's serious.

I'll give you a minute to let that sink in. Danielle -- the former prostitute/stripper/kidnapper/general nut job (or "prostitution whore" to borrow a phrase from Teresa Giudice) -- wants to help run our nation. I know.

This isn't some questionable tabloid reporting her grandiose delusions either, but rather reputable political publication, The Hill. While in D.C. speaking at the Children Uniting Nation's seventh annual national conference, she told the paper:


I would like to do something in the Senate. I think that I can make a difference as a name and as a voice, and I’m definitely strong and can throw myself out there in many, many ways.

Oh she sure can throw herself around, that's for sure.

As strange as it sounds, though -- after the initial shock wears off -- politics just might be a great next step for Danielle. While RHONJ has been dropping her name a bit lately, there's been no word that they want her back, so if they won't have her maybe Washington will. Here are six reasons Danielle Staub would make a great senator.

She's good at lying spinning things

Remember her big sex tape and all the questions about if she made and leaked it herself, while she cried poor me? That's just one perfect example.

She knows scandal

I'm not saying ALL politicians are criminal, but with all of her past and diverse crimes she'll have something in common with more than few of her fellow politicos.

She knows how to fight

Okay, it might not always be for what's right, but if anything, she showed us on RHONJ that she's not one to back down from a cause -- as bizarre as it may be. If she can't handle it, there's always her scary friends/body guards ready to jump in and get things done.

She's ready to flip and flop as necessary

When asked if she was a Democrat or a Republican, she told the paper, '“I’m going to keep myself politically direct and silent for now. Ask me in just another week maybe, and maybe I’ll have a different opinion. I do change my mind every so often.”

She's used to people hating her

From Ashlee Holmes and her I-Hate-Danielle-Staub campaign to the wrath of every one of the other Housewives and viewers everywhere, Staub is used to being berated. There's no need to worry about her thin skin if things get heated on the campaign trail or Senate floor, she'll just keep smiling.

It would make a great reality show

Okay, that's really the only GOOD reason, but it's a pretty big one.

What do you think about Danielle Staub running for Senate?

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