'Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice Makes Shocking Attack on Bethenny Frankel

teresa giudiceTeresa Giudice is on the attack again. We are used to her venomous barbs about ex BFFs Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita but she reached well beyond her zip code for this new beef.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has now set her sights on a new enemy -- Bethenny Frankel!

While testing flavor samples for her new line of Fabellini cocktails during the latest episode, she lays into the former RHONY. "My thing is I don't like anything that tastes diet-y," she explains. "For instance, Skinnygirl tastes diet-y. I don't like that."

I say that's just sour grapes. Teresa is jealous -- pure and simple. Arguably the most successful of all the Bravo gals, Bethenny went on to sell her Skinnygirl Cocktails for $100 million. I can't imagine Teresa topping that.

In fact, a pal tells Us Weekly that the Italian cookbook author idolizes the NYC chef-turned-mogul: "Teresa will work as hard as she can till she gets to Bethenny status." Well, she's on her way. Word is, Teresa wants her on show and because she ALWAYS brings the drama, Bravo is likely to give it to her.

Do you think Teresa deserves her own show?


Image via Bravo

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hotrd... hotrdumommy

She said it tasted diet-y and therefore she's jealous? Wow reaching much? I don't care for the taste of skinny girl drinks either. Does that mean I'm jealous?

Karen Nicholson

I agree with Teresa on this one. The Skinnygirl cocktails do taste "diet-y."

Karen Nicholson

I guess I must be jealous of Betheny too, hotrdumommy!

Rosemary Maldonado-Barron

NO WAY! I do not watch the spin offs except for Bethanys. None were worth it! Teresa will  be too much of one thing- and too much of that annoying family! I wish she was not on the Houswives- ANY WAY NO, NO!

Rosemary Maldonado-Barron

Teresa's line about the SG drinks was her way of saying that her's will be better.  It was a trend of the evening, no one can can be successful or be better than her! Pure and simple because she is caddy and jealous of everyone's success. I personally do not care if it tastes "Diety" the fact that it is "DIety" is why I love it. But the taste is fine in my book!

Judith Grant Lombardo

I wouldnt watch Teresa..no way no how, she is so self absorbed and only thinks of herself, a poor excuse for a women, she gives good women a bad name, She is jealous of everyone and whatever she does she claims its better..that;s a matter of opinion as far as I am concerned. She is not a friend and is as phony as hell.....

Cate Marcin

I didn't think it was attacking.  I think it was more like a big dose of name dropping, mainly because she couldn't think of any other  diet/wine/ spirits.  The media need to lighten up and not look for "things" to enbellish on.


Whitn... WhitneySM

It does taste diet-y though.

Jenny... JennyG0929

Those Skinny Girl drinks taste disgusting.

Kimberly Jacobson

Skinny girl margs are very strong booze tasting to me, almost like a martini but with tequila.  They for sure get the job done with less calories!  The funny thing is we've all tasted them so Bethanny did something right!  Teresa might be a little too late to start up this new idea.

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