'Bachelorette' Runner-Up Arie Luyendyk Finally Reveals His True Intentions to Emily

Arie Luyendyk & Emily Maynard

Now that Bachelorette Emily Maynard is happily engaged to the sweet and extremely lovable Jef Holm, fans of the show have one big question on their minds: Who is going to be the next Bachelor?

And if I had to guess, I'd say the Bachelor will absolutely wind up being one of two men -- either Sean Lowe or Arie Luyendyk, Jr., because it only makes sense for someone who got their heart broken by Emily to have a second shot at finding true love in a matter of a few weeks during a whirlwind trip around the world.


After Sean's gut-wrenching departure from The Bachelorette right before Emily chose her final two men, I figured he was probably a shoo-in to be the next Bachelor, simply because of how "perfect" he is and how much women all over America are head over heels in love with him.

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But after watching Arie's "performance" on the After the Final Rose show last night -- Sean's got himself some pretty stiff competition and better do all he can to nab that Bachelor spot if he really wants it. Arie pulled out all the stops -- even going so far as to play the "brokenhearted nice guy" card.

C'mon -- you didn't actually buy the whole, "I'm so happy for you and Jef and I have so much love for you" bit that he gave Emily, did you? Underneath that sexy smile, he was brimming with jealousy, and he knew that by turning on the charm and making fans believe that Emily possibly made a mistake by letting him go -- he was setting himself up to have millions of women root for him if he happens to land the coveted Bachelor gig.

And before you go getting all defensive of Arie and talking about what a gem of a guy he is, it's important to note that yesterday morning he sent out a tweet to his followers that said, "Finale tonight, enjoy these photos. Thx!" The photos he referred to are sexy professional shots he had taken of him. As in headshots. As in photos for his resume to help convince producers that he should definitely be the next Bachelor. (What a fame whore! Not that anyone can blame him for trying to extend his time in the spotlight.)

Yep -- Emily chose the right guy, no doubt. From the looks of it, Arie is way more in love with the idea of being famous than he ever was with her.

Do you think Arie was being sincere on the After the Final Rose show?


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