'Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Emily's Final Choice Was One Gigantic Letdown

Emily MaynardIt's finally the end of the road for Emily Maynard, the Bachelorette we have all wanted to see happy and settled. Sunday night was the big finale that was billed as "the most shocking finale ever." Surprise, surprise, there was no surprise at all.

Sure enough, she is engaged, like every other recent Bachelor and Bachelorette. She is also (seemingly) happy with her decision to choose the man most of America seemed to fall in love with.

I won't spoil it with too much information, but be forewarned, there ARE spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution ...


Emily chose Jef. Big shock, right? I am sorry, but this hype has been insane for weeks. It was billed as "one of the most shocking Bachelor finales" ever. It wasn't.

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Look, I am an idiot. Clearly. I fall for this every single time. I believe that the fact that it's LIVE makes this After the Final Rose ceremony super secret and super special. They even built up the first 20 minutes when Arie told his tale of woe.

Yes, he flew to Charlotte to leave his journal and that SEEMED dramatic. But guess what?! It wasn't. Nothing changed. Emily is still engaged to Jef, the guy we have all known for weeks she was going to choose.

Also, maybe I am the only woman in America who thinks this, but I am not a fan of Jef. Sure he is all "perfect," but that is kind of what seems ooky about him. Even his hair is just kind of frozen in place. As sweet as he is, it just seems like he is the Mr. Rogers of Bachelorette contestants, minus the truly good heart.

Throughout the entire After the Final Rose, they tried to convince us how perfect they are and how they need to be together, but the chemistry is just not there. Call me crazy, but I don't see this lasting.

Did anyone notice the huge pause before she said "yes" to Jef? Throughout the show, she had us convinced she might say no. I might have even respected her more if she HAD said no. Why did she need to get engaged so quickly? She really might be the 15-time-engaged girl after all.

It would have been TRULY shocking if they broke up on the special. Sadly, they didn't. But mark my words. These two are no Ryan and Trista and I am SO done believing this "most shocking" crap. 

Next time I will know better. Seriously, isn't there a law against false advertisement?

Do you think they will last?


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