iTunes: Stress Buster for Holiday Travel!

iPod, iTouch

Photo by: Apple

I love iTunes and my iPhone is a life saver for many reasons. One reason I love my phone is because my tween and teen can watch a video clip or TV show on the phone while we are on the road. Family travel during the holidays is easier with a teen than with a toddler! The difference is you can see the signs your toddler is melting down but older kids look like they are holding it together and then BAM! Your 12-year-old is suddenly at "Def-Con 3" while eating pumpkin pie with Grandma.


iTunes totally rocks because you can get music videos, games, TV shows and movies for the kids at a reasonable price and it's portable.  As a mom of a teen and a tween, I can tell that I am not alone in my love of iTunes as an anti-stress measure for older kids.  Just look at some of the popular downloads this week!  Other families are using iTunes for stress busting!

Popular downloads for this week:

Movies-WALL-E is one of the top downloads this week. The gymnastics teen flick, Stick It is another popular download

TV Shows-Gossip Girl and Family Guy are the favorite downloads for TV this week.

Games are easy to buy and use on the iPod!

iPod Games-The games that are available to download and carry on a little iPod blows my mind! From Spore to Monopoly to Uno, iPod has got game!

As a mom, have you ever downloaded iTunes products before a trip? Do you love iTunes as much as I do? What other stress busters work for traveling with older kids?

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