Celebrities Get Photoshopped Into Boring Regular Folks & It's Hilarious (PHOTOS)

Have you ever seen those tabloid photo spreads titled, "Stars: they're just like us!" that include pictures of celebrities doing random things like grocery shopping or whatever and we're supposed to, I don't know, identify with them? They're just like us -- except their bodies have been trained into submission, their clothes were picked out by a stylist, and a hair and makeup artist gave them that 'fresh, just-buying-fruit-at-Whole-Foods' look?

Okay, I'm exaggerating -- sort of -- but if you've ever wondered what celebrities would look like if they really were 'just like us' (a rather dated, unattractive version of us, anyway), New York pop artist Danny Evans has created an amazing "celebrity makeunder" photo series called Planet Hiltron.

Check out his take on the un-retouched, unstyled, un-dieted versions of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Brad Pitt, and more! 

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You can see the rest of Danny Evans' work on his Facebook pageWhat do you think of these celeb makeunders? Is there anyone else you'd like to see him take on?

Images courtesy of Danny Evans

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Water... Water_geM

these always crack me up.

nonmember avatar terry77

Lol!!! Thanks for the chuckle, these were great :)

amomm... amommy2jack

These are hilarious....thanks I needed a good belly laugh.


LMAO!! Oh Gawd!! How funny and thanks a million Linda for not having these in a slide show. Eee gads this made me laugh.

nonmember avatar Kate

Madonna is my favorite!! Haha!!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Why are they almost always fat? I'm sure they work harder to stay in shape as celebrities it's just plain insulting to say that all 'regular' people are fat. Somehow I don't think Angelina would blow up from a 2 to a 20 just because she wasn't a celebrity. She has a small frame and she's tall so it would be hard for her to get that big.

dreamsky dreamsky

Ha hahaha! So mean yet sooo satisfyingly funny!!

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