A Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ & Ronnie Spin-Off Is Total Overkill

Sammi Sweetheart RonnieIf it ain't broke, don't fix it ...  And in my opinion, Jersey Shore doesn't need any fixing. Which is why I was slightly irritated when I heard that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola have been approached for their own spin-off show. Now don't get me wrong, I've been 100 percent Team Sammi since day one, but I'm still against this idea.

To quote my boy Sitch, this is, like, the end of civilization. This could ruin Jersey Shore for good. I don't think you understand. This is a bad time, you guys.

Don't they know what they're getting themselves into?

The reason why Jersey Shore has been so successful the past six seasons is because of the group dynamic. It's an ensemble cast -- you don't just take one or two people out of the group and expect the same results, do you? Well, apparently MTV does.

Remember Friends? Of course you do. Everyone loved that group ... Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey. And do you remember what happened when Joey decided to venture out on his own? No? Well, that's because no one watched Joey venture out on his own ... because you're not supposed to break up the group!

I mean, Snooki and JWOWW may be hilarious on Jersey Shore ... but on their spin-off? It seems pretty forced. And don't even get me started with The Pauly D Project. And now a potential Ronnie/Sam show? It's just overkill. Sooner or later, people are going to grow tired of these characters.

It just sounds a little Kardashian-esque to me. What's next? The Situation & Deena Take Seaside? No, no, no, a thousand times no. They should stick to their #1 show on MTV ... and stop trying to milk their fame for all it's worth.

Would you watch a Ronnie & Sammi spin-off show? Or would you rather continue watching them on Jersey Shore with the rest of the cast?

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jmama... jmama0307

No I wouldn't/ I stop watching Jersey Shore after season 2. It just the same crap every time. I think they all need to get a life and do something productive. All they do is party and get drunk and life is not just about that. I don't want Snookie and Jwow their show looks like crap and they were in the Jersey Shore show. I think they need to take that show off air.

Jess1... Jess10210

I love JShore but spin offs are a tad overkill. I mean, Snooks and Jwowws show is going well because they are 2 favs and their both on one show but lets face it, Ron and Sammi aren't interesting enough to pull it off. Same with Pauly D. Maybe if it was Pauly and Vin, it would get better ratings... who knows.

TreyJr Nd Tre'vonnie Mommie

i will watch thr ronnie/sam show and the next season of jersey shore. hell if they came back out with pauly d and vinny i will be happy. ima big fan of them except mike aka da snitchutation

nonmember avatar Mimi

He is so wrong for her. He came to a club promo in my city and took 4 girls back to his hotel and did cocaine. I have the pics. He's trash

froggy80 froggy80

I would watch a Vinny / Pauly D show. They're hilarious together.

Amber Latham

i would so watch it

Bianca GetonmyLevel Webb

hell no i wouldnt watch i cant stand them together now when there happy there boring and when there mad they are just awful and the spins offs r boring ill just watch this last season and then call it a day i wanna see single ronnie single sammie and single jenny those the only three people we havent seen let loose they always was in a relatonship

Jenny Bean

OOOOOH PLEASE NO!!!!! I only watch Snooki & JWoww to look at Roger! I used to love Snooki but now she's just irritating. The whole Ron and Sammi thing is nothing but drama... the same old thing day in and day out. I think we've had enough. Get creative and figure out new shows with people with some intelligence. I used to love it, now its just getting old, I mean come on how old are you guys?

Alicia Thomas

I would watch a vinny and pauly wasnt a fan of pauly alone and as for sammi and ron hell no i wouldnt watch if it were the only thing on tv...haha but i do love watching snooki and jwoww~

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