'Bachelorette Men Tell All' Recap: Sean Lowe's Plan for Finding Love Is Already Underway

Emily Maynard & Sean Lowe

After watching The Bachelorette Men Tell All episode tonight -- I too, only have one answer to Emily Maynard's question she asked in the last half hour of the show -- "What girl wouldn't want Sean?" And the answer is absolutely NO girl anywhere on the face of the entire Earth -- because Sean Lowe has to be about the biggest catch that ever graced a reality TV set, let alone any situation in history involving a man and a woman.

OMG. I wanted there to be some "other" side to Sean that was fake or shady or not genuinely into Emily, but the truth is he's about the most honest, honorable, and classy man any of us can ever hope to lay eyes on. And that's why it's so awesome that he totally sealed the fate of his future with his kind and respectful words to Emily tonight.


Um, DUH -- Yes, I'm talking about the idea of Sean Lowe being the next Bachelor. Because if he isn't, I seriously think millions of women across America will consider boycotting the show entirely. And don't even try and tell me I'm exaggerating, because this dude is freakin' ridiculous in the sense that I've never seen anyone behave like more of a gentleman or exhibit more class than he did while addressing Emily tonight.

Women all over the nation are going to have trouble sleeping tonight, and it's certainly not because of Fifty Shades of Grey. Sean is way hotter and ten times more exhilarating than that book will ever be.

But then there's Kalon McMahon, who managed to come off looking like an even bigger jerk this evening than he did when he called Ricki baggage and Emily told him to "get the fu&% out." How priceless was her comment to him tonight? "I hope you find faith in something bigger than your Prada shoes and rented helicopter." Wow. Can I get a huge "hell yeah" for my girl Emily? You tell him, honey!!

The Bachelorette Men Tell All show was so good that I can hardly wait for The Bachelorette finale on Sunday. Who is Emily Maynard going to pick?! Even though I really think both Arie Luyendyk & Jef Holm are amazing guys, I have to be honest -- my heart lies with Jef. Did you hear that one quote from him during the finale preview?

"I want to have a love that makes the storybooks jealous." OMG. Marry me, Jef. Yeah, so I'm already married -- WHO CARES?! (Let's not let that little technicality bridle our passions.)

Who do you think Emily will wind up with, and do you think Sean should be the next Bachelor?


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