'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kris & Bruce Jenner's Marriage Looks More Troubled Than Ever

Bruce JennerThe Kardashian clan was all over the map tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I refuse to even comment on the whole plot line involving Scott Disick getting his lordship on in London, other than to say it was a ridiculous waste of time and made him more despicable than ever.

So let's move on to something worth discussing -- the marriage of Kris and Bruce Jenner ... or what's left of it. While much of the show is clearly scripted, I don't think there's any faking the real animosity between the two. She's constantly taking shots at him, and while there are a few sweet moments here and there, the overwhelming sense is that their marriage is destined for trouble. Tonight felt like one big push from Kris Jenner to show that she's not the bad guy in all of it.

It didn't work very well.

For years we've seen her belittle and put Bruce down, and tonight was no different. When Bruce said he hated driving a Rolls-Royce because it felt pretentious and he didn't think it was good for his image, she snapped back that his image wasn't any good anyway. "Your image is you always look like a hot mess," she told him, then followed that up by calling him an idiot. 

Even Khloe and Kourtney feel bad for Bruce, saying she's mean to him and doesn't give him any respect. "I 100 percent think that my mom does not give Bruce any respect," Khloe said. "And she definitely avoids involving Bruce in her life more often than not."

So when Khloe was traveling to Boston with Kris and Bruce, Kris was thrilled that Khloe would finally see the real, dark side of Bruce that she says she sees. She claims the kids never see it because Bruce is rarely around and she shields them from it. "No one but me sees this crazy side of him."

First of all, that's ridiculous to think that if he has this horribly angry, negative side to him that in all of their years together, the kids have never seen a glimpse of it. Yeah right. Then while in Boston, the only point Kris proved is that Bruce is a little bit anal about trying to get places on time. He had a little snap, but it was no big deal. He didn't call her names or demean her, and it certainly wasn't some big revelation about the monster lying within him.

Khloe ended up apologizing to her mom, saying she could now see her point, but it wasn't convincing. No, Bruce isn't perfect, but nothing we saw tonight justified the way we've seen Kris treat him over the years. Even if we did see a slightly more angry side of Bruce, the only thing it proved is that their relationship isn't in a good place.

How bad is it? Rumors have it that she and her ex Todd Waterman are still seeing each other, and if they're true, I'm thinking things could be headed south soon. I hope not, but tonight did nothing to erase any doubts about the rocky nature of their relationship.

Do you think Bruce and Kris Jenner's marriage will last?


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nonmember avatar kim earnest

kris and kourtney need to let up on their men. the guys can only take so much.

Erinly Erinly

Amen, Kim! I actually enjoy watching the Kardashians and the insanity that is their life, but I can't help but notice that Khloe really is the only one who seems to have her head on straight when it comes to her marriage. Kris is constantly disrespecting and belittling Bruce and Kourtney might actually be worse (I think I'm one of the few who actually thinks Scott is a decent guy and really trying but his other half is difficult to say the least). Anyway, hopefully they'll realize that the tv and fame will only last do long, but family really is forever.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

How would you know is Bruce was upset? His face always looks the same.

Venae Venae

It's a shame what he has become - that man won the Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon.  He set all kind of records in high school - he was an amazing athlete.  How can someone be so physically strong and then allow themselves to be bullied and belittled by their lunatic wife?

Why he ever tried to "improve" his face is beyond me.  He seems like he just wants a quiet life yet allows himself to be dragged into the craziness - does he really need the money that badly?  From what I've seen, Kris never lets him have any of it anyway. 

Debbie Sealy Knight

Kris has always pimped out her kids and herself. Bruce is just fed up with it along with the rest of us just as he should be.

Fran Colleton Gyomory

Kris Jenner has been and always will be a bitch to Bruce.  I have wondered over the years why he stays there, except for the children.  Yes, he is anal about time but she is always late and the three older girls are always late and make jokes about it.  Dr. Phil says people who are always late think the world revolves around them!!  Yes, that describes the three sisters and their mother.  I, personally, love Bruce and his two daughters. My fear is that they will become "kardashianized" by their mother.  That would be very sad.angry

Dee Dee Brandt

Boy, money to her is more than her family. Even her young girls don't like the way she talks to him. Who in the hell does she thinks she is. A nobody...

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

Hmmm, I am always late because I am dragging three kids under the age of 7 around.  In no way, shape or form do I think the world revolves around me.  Even starting earlier backfires. 

I don't watch the show anymore since I am sans cable.  The few times I did watch, I cringed for Bruce.  But obviously Bruce sees something that we don't in Kris.  Just as Kourtney sees something in Scott that most of us don't see (though I agree he is villianized way more for entertainment than reality).  I do agree with a previous poster who said they all need to take a few lessons from Khloe and Lamar.

nonmember avatar HS

My favorite video clip of Bruce was on TMZ. She and Bruce were leaving a restaurant and a cameraman asked Kris if she knew any Kanye West songs. She got real quiet and started looking to someone standing next to her. She looked a little mortified. Bruce had this HUUGE smirk on his face and said, Let me get the car, dear. LOL!!! It was like he was ecstatic that someone finally made her speechless and she looked like an idiot for not knowing any songs of the guy who's dating her daughter. Classic :)

Sabri... Sabrinamama4806

I agree that Kris and Kourtney need to give Scott and Bruce some breathing room! 

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