'Green Mile' Star Has a Heart Attack & World's Biggest Reality Show Villian Saved His Life

michael clarke duncan, omarosaAt 6-foot-5, Michael Clarke Duncan always seemed so invincible. So it was shocking to hear that the Green Mile star suffered a heart attack this morning. Just as surprising was the news about who saved his life. Girlfriend Omarosa Stallworth resuscitated him by performing CPR after finding him passed out.

Yes, the most vilified reality TV star in history saved the lovable actor's life. Who even knew they were seriously dating?!?


Michael recently told Access Hollywood the pair met in a grocery store and it was love at first sight -- at least for him. Though she was less than impressed with his pick-up line. "I said, you're the mean girl from The Apprentice. That's the only thing that came out," he recalled. Thank goodness she forgave him.

No doubt it was her quick thinking that saved him. Once the paramedics arrived, they transported The Finder actor to an L.A. hospital. Sources tell TMZ that his heart rate is now stable and Omarosa is right by his side.

See Michael Clarke Duncan talk about first meeting Omarosa on Access Hollywood:

Do you remember Omarosa from her Apprentice days?

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