Emily Maynard Rejected Sean Lowe But He'll Be Perfect as the New 'Bachelor'

sean and emily

Emily Maynard may have broken Sean Lowe's heart, but he's ready for a rebound. Word is, the Texas bred hunk was offered to be the next Bachelor. 

That's right. Forget watching Ali Fedotowki's ex Roberto Martinez try for true love AGAIN. He's old news. There's a new wounded hottie in town up for the top spot and he totally deserves it. Emily was a fool to kick Sean to the curb in favor of cheese-balls Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk. What was she thinking?

I usually find it hard to root for any of these clearly fame-obsessed, insincere knit-wits, but Sean stood out from the rest of the studs. But honestly, Emily's loss is our gain. Here are 5 reasons Sean will be the best Bachelor ever!

  1. He's not just a pretty face. He's a college grad with a real job. And selling insurance ain't easy. He has to be intelligent, charismatic, and tenacious too. So once the 15 minutes of fame ends, he can support his family the normal way.
  2. He's abs-solutely perfect. He's a 6-foot-tall former former college football player and don't think there has ever been a contestant with a better bod. How awesome will it be to see those muscles rippling while he whines about finding The One. 
  3. He's a good Christian boy. Church may not be your thing, but don't dismiss the qualities that come with a guy who loves the Lord. Sean likely takes vows very seriously. You probably won't find a more honest and faithful Bachelor.
  4. He's all about family. He clearly loves his family. He even shares a business with his sister. More importantly, he didn't seem intimidated by the thought of being a husband and father.
  5. He doesn't cry a lot or hold grudges. A lot of guys would have been pissed about being dumped after the perfect date. But Sean handled the rejection like champ. No snotty sobs or belligerent rants. In fact, he has no hard feelings toward Emily and wishes her well.

Do you think Sean will be a good Bachelor?


Image via ABC

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