Ashley Fink Does Hilarious 'Call Me Maybe' Spoof & Makes Us Miss Her More (VIDEO)

ashley fink call me maybeHow much do you miss Ashley Fink on Glee?! Well, you're going to miss her even more after you watch this hilarious parody of "Call Me Maybe" starring Fink and actor Thomas Dekker. What's that? ANOTHER version of "Call Me Maybe," seriously?! Hell yeah, because this one stars Ashley Fink, as I mentioned a second ago, and because this particular parody actually pokes fun at "all the other" parodies. Or a bunch of them, anyway, like that one by the Harvard Baseball Team (remember?). But it's so much better than all of those, because ... oh wait, I already told you about the Ashley Fink thing.


Anyway, you're totally gonna love this as much as I do. Especially the surprise twist at the end! Just watch:

Right?! I crack up laughing every time he "gets in her way" and she gives him a good healthy shove. HA! Hey Ashley Fink, make some more insanely funny videos, maybe?

Do you miss Ashley Fink on Glee?


Image via Grumpy Bunny/YouTube

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