Katie Holmes Finally Tells Scientology How She Really Feels

katie holmesYou've got to admire Katie Holmes, the way she took control of her miserable life and turned it around in, like, 10 seconds. Just look at what she managed to do in a mere few weeks. She needed a new home for her and her daughter, and she bought it. She wanted out of her marriage, and she did it. Divorce done. She sought custody of her daughter, and she got it. Screw you, Tom Cruise, don't mess with Katie.

I never really thought much of anything about Katie Holmes before this divorce went down, but I officially LOVE this woman now. Especially, especially her latest statement against the Church of Scientology that has clearly been the source of much of her sorrow and angst these past years. In the ultimate "ef you!" of all time, Holmes has returned to the Catholic church, her religion of birth.

Who knows if she ever fully embraced Scientology in the first place. My guess is not. She never officially left the Catholic church, from anything we heard. But I can't believe Cruise, from all we know about that control freak, would have let her attend services or even think about the Hail Mary even if she wanted to.

Holmes recently registered as a parishioner at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City. She apparently hasn't attended a service yet, but it sounds like a wonderful, welcoming parish, a lot more "open-minded" perhaps than some churches. Whatever the vibe of this church, the bottom line is it's still Catholic, and you really coudn't be any further on the religious spectrum from Scientology than that.

Returning to her Catholic roots is probably as much an attempt to return to the things that once centered her, gave her peace and meaning, as it is about creating distance from her old life as Mrs. Cruise. At its heart, that's what religion is all about.

No matter how badly she wanted the divorce or how easily it all seemed to go, I'm sure it was and is excruciating emotionally behind the scenes. As much as Katie seems like a bastion of strength, parts of her must be falling apart. What better way to move forward than by going back and to start picking up the pieces.

Do you think Katie Holmes embracing the Catholic faith again is a good move for her?

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nonmember avatar Gretta


bills... billsfan1104

Who are you to question if it is alright for her to go back to her original faith? Maybe it feels right and comforting to her. There were many times, I questioned my faith, and I always went back to.the Catholic Church. Because no matter what they welcomed me back, and made me feel good.

nonmember avatar RiotGirlMamaOf3

You go, Katie! Thank God you got yourself and your daughter away from that cult! Raise Suri in the Catholic faith and never looks back!

Flori... Floridamom96

Um, I didn't get the feeling that she was in any way being critical of Ms. Holmes' choice to return to Catholicism.

Todd Vrancic

Not my life, not my business.  She will do what she feels is right for her and does not need anyone's permission nor does she need anyone's approval.

brand... brandspanknnew

@billsfan1104: Where exactly she did criticize her going back to her faith?

nonmember avatar Guest

Yes, because nothing says open-minded like the Catholic Church.

bills... billsfan1104

It is my opinion the author was being condescending and snarky. That why o responded like that.

bills... billsfan1104

Brand, I asked about the author questioning her decision. Nothing about criticizing

shrim... shrimpmommy

I love the Catholic church. The Saints are so inspiring. Scientology is just so strange. Any form of religion but that.

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