Kris Humphries & Myla Sinanaj Headed for Happily Ever After?

Kris Humphries and Myla SinanajWhat a difference a baby (or an alleged baby) can make. One minute Myla Sinanaj is Kris Humphries' biggest nightmare, spilling secrets about him and reportedly threatening to blackmail him. Now, sources say she wants to put all of that behind them, get back together, and live happily ever after.

According to TMZ, she's so desperate to rekindle their flame that she's dropped her lawsuit against him and is willing to sign a confidentiality agreement now -- at no cost, nonetheless. Nothing says true love like that, now does it?

Sources told the site they've been talking regularly, and she says there's a "good chance" they're getting back together.  Could it really possibly happen after such a rocky start?


Honestly, when it comes to these two, who knows. With them anything seems possible. While I'd like to think they both want to put aside all the drama and get back together because it's what's best for their baby, I have some pretty big doubts. I don't know who is more suspect in their intentions in the whole mess either.

She's clearly been out for something from the beginning. Be it money, revenge, or fame, she's motivated to dangle his supposed secrets in front of him for some reason. And now just to drop it all like that? Something has to give.

Which brings us to Humphries whose motives in the whole thing are highly suspect as his divorce settlement from Kim Kardashian lingers on. How convenient would it be if he didn't have Sinanaj dropping all these little secrets, letting people know that he wasn't exactly sitting home heartbroken after Kim supposedly duped him into marriage then kicked him to the curb. If he can keep her quiet by making her think they're going to be one big happy family, that's certainly a coup for him ... and also a really despicable move if he's just trying shut her up.

Maybe in the end, it could actually work between them. They actually may be a pretty good match ... or least one made in messed-up, headline-grabbing heaven. Stay tuned; more drama is sure to come.

Do you think Kris Humphries and Myla Sinanaj could actually work out in the long run? Why do you think she would just drop her lawsuit against him like that?



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