'50 Shades of Grey' Author Totally Disses Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartWell, well, well -- author E L James has decided to voice her opinion on who should play Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and shockingly enough, she thinks casting Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson is a bad idea.

When asked about the possibility of Rob & Kristen taking on the scandalous leading roles, she said:

"I think it would be too strange. It would just be ... Uggh weird!"

Weird, huh? So does she mean that seeing them on-screen together in roles other than Bella & Edward would somehow take away from their iconic Twilight personas -- or is E L James starting to get a little bit embarrassed by the fact that she based Christian & Ana's characters on Edward Cullen & Isabella Swan? (Or maybe it would be too "weird" for her to see her fantasies about Rob & Kristen actually play out in movie form. You know, because of how hot & bothered those two apparently make her.)

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Another possible reason for her making comments about Kristen and Robert not being the right fit for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is because she's sick and tired of her book being compared to Twilight and wants to separate herself and her work from that series. It's almost like she's trying to take full ownership of Christian & Ana, even though it's a well-known fact that she based their physical features and personalities on Pattinson & Stewart's portrayal of Edward & Bella.

Even though Fifty Shades of Grey has an absolutely enormous fan base (which truly makes my head spin), there are still plenty of people who agree that the book is very poorly written and is obviously nothing more than an erotic adaptation of Twilight. Based on that notion, it's understandable that E L James is suddenly doing everything possible to distance herself from the vampire realm and set herself apart as a serious author (or something to that effect). 

But if Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart do manage to snag the roles of Christian & Ana, E L James better be ready for even more criticism surrounding her inspiration for the "storyline." It'll be pretty hard to deny the similarities after seeing those two roll around in the buff on-screen.

Do you think Rob & Kristen would ruin the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?


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Heather Duso Johnson

I haven't read Fifty Shades and as of this moment have no plans to change that.  I am curious if James started her fanfic before or after seeing the movies or if they'd even been released yet.   When I read the books Robert and Kristen were not at all who I pictured as Edward & Bella and even now if I re-read them, I still picture something closer to what they showed in the Twilight graphic novels.  This is why I try to read the book before seeing the movie so I can try to picture what the author wanted, not some casting director.  And if you recall Stephenie Meyer actually was thinking of Henry Cavill when she pictured Edward, not Robert Pattinson.  

Rachel Fusco-Aucone

i think they should just stay with Twilight and leave it that way.....they need new people to play in these roles for sure

nonmember avatar Nicole

I wanna know how she "totally disses" them when all she said was it would be weird. Sounds like you need to think of different titles instead of stupid ones.

Donna Ingerson

I have read all of the 50 shades and I agree that Robert and Kristen would make it weird for the roles in this series. I am not sure who would make a good pair for the roles. But to take vampires and turn then to normal alive people would seem weird. Don't get me wrong I love them in Twilight but not in reverse roles (super normal to normal). But I am excited to see how this all rolls out. I will be the first in line to see these movies.

nonmember avatar chris

Rob and Kristen would never star in this movie so she is just nipping that idea in the bud.

nonmember avatar kate tatianna

i think kristen and robert should play it after it is about then it is a twilight fanfiction

Stacey Schmidt

Thank you!! I'm tired of ppl thinking Kristen can act!! I wouldnt cast her because I think she is a horrible actress. Get someone with more personality. I'm so tired of the whole Rob and Kristen move on

nonmember avatar hilda

wtf is this guy talking about? i am a fan of Twilight BUT i am also a fan of the book 50 shades.. n let me tell u something Mr! not once did i think about Twilight when i read the 50 shade books.. i am sick n tired of hearing twilight this n twilight that n kristen n rob.. enough! E L James is a good Author.. not my type of book but at the end I was more then pleased, n No, it wasnt because its an erotic romance but the story n how she concluded it that left me satisfied! so stop gettong ur panties all tied up.. Twilight is fictional n 50 shades is more realistic.. if rob n kristen are offered the roles i would think they be smart enough to pass them up...

Jen McFaggan

I wouldn't mind Rob, but definitely find someone other than Kristen.

Brandy M Clarno

I cant agree with you more Jan and Stacey. Bring on an actress that can do more then look constipated....

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