Katie Holmes May Have Dumped Tom Cruise Because of Freaky Scientology Ritual

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Katie Holmes Tom CruiseThe big news in celebrity-land these days is that Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, and while most of us are rooting for Katie because we suspect Tom is a giant freakshow, we'll never know the real reason their marriage broke up. I mean, maybe he left the toilet seat up one too many times. Maybe she was sick of towering over him in heels. Maybe he likes to perform that Risky Business underwear dance on a nightly basis and she just couldn't take it any more.

One thing's certain, though: we're going to hear lots and lots and LOTS of rumored explanations for what caused their split. The latest, courtesy of TMZ, is that Katie was desperate to protect Suri from a specific Scientology ritual --  a form of interrogation practiced by the church that's so creepy, she didn't want her kid to have anything to do with it.

Apparently Holmes is worried that Suri will have to endure the Scientology ritual known as sec checking. Sec checking -- security checking -- reportedly involves an "ethics officer" asking an individual member a large number of questions while they hold the electrode handles on a device called an e-meter. The personal questions are supposedly intended to help the church locate "areas of spiritual distress."

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As the story goes, in 2005 Holmes saw Cruise's older children, Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Cruise, being subjected to a sec check, and she's now freaked that Suri will have to go through the same thing.

Now, I have no idea if this rumor is true, but it sounds plausible. There's a specific Scientology sec check for children aged 6-12, and Suri did just turn 6 in April, so maybe she was being prepped for the practice and Holmes was like, 1-800-LAW-YRUP. Yeah, she probably should have thought this whole Scientology wife thing through a little better, but I'm guessing that the longer she was exposed to it, the weirder it all got.

As for the specifics of the sec check practice,  the "Whole Track" sec check is reportedly hundreds of questions long, and includes jaw-droppers like these:

- Did you come to Earth for evil purposes?
- Have you ever smothered a baby?
- Have you ever enslaved a population?
- Have you ever destroyed a culture?
- Have you ever torn out someone's tongue?
- Have you ever made a planet, or nation, radioactive?

Wow. Just ... wow.

But don't worry, the kid's version is just 99 questions! For example:

- What has somebody told you not to tell?
- Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family?
- Have you ever done something you were very much ashamed of?
- Have you ever taken something belonging to somebody else and never given it back?
- Have you ever refused to obey an order from someone you should obey?
- Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?

Boy, I don't know what Katie Holmes was so worried about! This all sounds perfectly normal and healthy and OH MY GOD RUN KATIE RUN LIKE THE WIND.

What's your take on this latest rumor about Katie and Tom? Do you think there's any truth to the idea that Katie initiated the divorce because she was worried about Scientology practices?

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stron... strongerwtime

I coud see this coming...Katie is wise...it alwasy seemed like she coudnt be herself around him...I just remember her before being more light in personality....but as years went onwith Tom she seemed to have gotten more protective and reserved.....like in his shadow so to speak.  I guess we will never really know the reasons...*shrugs*

Jill Kennedy

I really believe this scandal is the beginning of the end Scientology...


nonmember avatar Cia

Go Katie! She's quite a woman.

Paula Wren Beikman

she was fully aware of tom's beliefs. it was a whole nother story when she sought the status of mrs cruise. now that she has that on her resume it has become repugnet to her. gotta love those fame seeking gold diggers!


expat... expatalfa

We can only hope it is the end but Scientology is WAY too rich and powerful to let a little thing like this set them back even a teeny bit. Alas...

nonmember avatar Kathleen

In the early days of a new relationship,things never ring warning bells. They got engaged within, like, three months, then she got pregnant. She didn't really have time to see what might become unbearable. Sometimes a partner is so good at hiding the truth, you don't see anything until it is too late. We can't judge either side because we aren't part of it.

grnsm... grnsmomma

If she was freaked out in 2005 when she saw that but they had Suri in 2006 and got married in 2007..no, I don't think that is why.  And really, every little kid is going to answer 'yes' to the questions you've listed.  I can't stand Tom Cruise, it's his personality and his cockiness, I can't even watch movies that he is in.  Good for her to finally get away.

gamer... gamermom81

I don't think highly if this religion but its just that, his religion. If this article criticized him if he was any other religion you would be bashed

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