Kelly Osbourne's Explanation for Her Drunken Public Breakdown Is Worrisome

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When you're a celebrity with substance abuse issues, you basically have three options if you're caught in a public relapse. You can have your rep issue some bullshit excuse about how you were exhausted and dehydrated. You can remain completely silent on the issue, even if you were photographed in the nude doing lines of coke off a barstool in Tijuana. Or, you can tell the truth about what happened and hope that in this case, honesty really is the best policy.

Kelly Osbourne went with the third option recently, after reports surfaced that she'd had a drunken breakdown on a flight from L.A. to Atlanta on June 19. Osbourne has been to rehab four times for drug and alcohol addiction, so it was a little shocking to hear that she'd been drinking again -- and as it turns out, she's not exactly clean and sober these days.

Osbourne's flight started in a normal enough fashion, with her tweeting a photo of herself sitting in first class looking well-groomed and in good spirits. Somewhere along the four-hour flight, though, she began ordering drinks, and eventually "looked completely disheveled and was basically carried down the corridor to the airport tram."

Less than 24 hours after the flight, Osbourne alluded to the incident with the following tweet:

Osbourne has now exclusively admitted to Radar Online that she did in fact get drunk on the flight, primarily because she was thinking about her brother's recent MS diagnosis:

(...) before I got on the plane a gentleman came up to me and asked me how my brother was doing and told me about his brother having MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and directed me towards a website. On the plane I started looking at the website. It described how bad certain cases of MS got, and it made me lose it because I’ve sat through my mother having breast cancer, my dad almost dying from a bike accident, and now it’s my brother who’s my best friend.

In news that might be a surprise to some of her fans, Osbourne says that despite her stints in rehab, she still drinks -- although she says it's only on occasion:

I have not lied about it. I have the occasional drink. I will never lie about that. That’s my choice that I make and I’m an adult and I have to be responsible for my actions. (...) The way I live my life after going to rehab is not the way that most people do. It isn’t. Yes, I still drink and I’ve always said that. I do have the occasional drink. I’m not using, I haven’t. I won’t. I’m not going to do that.

While I admire her honesty, the way she downplays the incident feels a little weird to me:

But it’s not like I was f*cking claiming there was a colonial woman on the wing. Like I was so out of it they had to land the plane or something. I got drunk on a plane, big deal. (...) I’m not one of those starlets that’s drinking vodka out of a water bottle thinking no one knows. If I’m going to have a f*cking drink, I’m 27 years old. I’m going to have one. Unfortunately I decided to have one on a plane to Atlanta and burst into tears.

Well ... but it kind of IS a big deal, right? I mean, when you've been to rehab four times but you're still getting so shitfaced on a plane that you have to be physically helped off, that seems like a different situation than "I had ONE drink (because I'm 27!) and I cried a little bit."

I have my own substance abuse issues and I abstain from alcohol because I know that for me it's never "occasionally" or "just one," but I don't believe that there's only one way to deal with addiction. If Kelly Osbourne truly can drink in moderation, good for her. I don't think she would be doing anyone any favors by lying about what happened on that plane, and I give her full credit for being brave enough to admit she had a bad moment.

But I also don't think she's doing herself any favors by pretending this was no big deal. In my opinion, figuring out how to deal with super shitty situations -- like a loved one's health crisis -- without relying on mood-altering substances is pretty much a key component of avoiding a fifth visit to rehab.

What do you think of Kelly Osbourne's explanation for why she was drinking?

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Celia... Celiacelia


for real tho


Mandago Mandago

^I just bought an identical pair at Target for twelve bucks

kcorrie kcorrie

I seem to recall Ozzy drinking (when their show was on) and the family being upset because of his addictive, meet tree.


fraoch fraoch

I think we all fall off the wagon at times, she's owning that she did and stating it won't derail her. She's human.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

she knows she has a problem and admits it.

Also, Get of her back she is under a lot of stress. She did not have  a drink because she is 27. She has a drink because she is freaking out about her brother and she needed to forget it for a minute. She knows what she did was wrong and just flat out admitted she did it. She is downplaying it because people like you are jumping down her throat.

Jumping all over some one in that state of mind will not help them at all they get defencive.

We all have out issues and she is no different, she is going through something right now that is very traumatic.

Your a cold hearted person to not even see that.

He is scared the whole family is scared right now.

your an ass.

she made a mistake get over it at least she didn't lie about it she told the truth faced it head on.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

She doesn't owe anyone an explaination for her behavior at all.

Lilys... Lilysmomma84

i understand WHY there upset however i knew somone who was 24 when dignosed with MS his daughter was JUST born and they said he would NEVER live to see her turn 10 ... well she did and he was genrealy healthy .... then it was 15 ... he was still healty ... shes not 20 .. and hes been sick the last 2 years but in thoes two years he got married again !!!!!! so please osbourne's while understand your fear your alll acting like this is a death senince in 2 years ... people live long lives with this , healthy lives , happy lives ... i cringe saying this but the family is acting as if it's SO MUCH DRAMA , that there useing it as excuses .. to drink , to break down , to sy there a bad mom .. when it's NOT true .. they need to relax and calm down .. and soupourt there brother /son/ friend .. did her "breakdown " help him any ? i'm prett sure it made him feel guilty ! and thats what he DOSE NOT NEED !!

Denise Henderson-Abriel

Has anyone ever drank while flying? Alcohol hits your system harder and faster when your flying. Normally if I have one drink on the ground, with nothing in my stomach, I can get a pretty good buzz. So I know if I drink and fly to eat something so I'm not drunk on the plane after one drink. I don't think anyone has the right to get all judgey on her, sounds like she just had a bad day and forgot to eat while she drank.


sephor sephor

I have never needed to drink or use illegal drugs. Can someone please explain to me why some people choose to begin using a psychoactive drug that they know can be addictive?

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